Basic Hindi Speaking Course

Hindi Speaking Courses

Basic Hindi speaking course of fifteen days duration is the final step of this series of lessons. It is quite possible that you feel confident of completeing this course in much lesser time. That's perfectly alright if you are able to understand the entire conversation in these lessons and participate in a conversation of similar kind with very little help or none at all. That's the level of conversation skill you are expected to get through these lessons.

Work through the lessons, listen, speak, and learn!

Contents - Basic Hindi Speaking Course

Below is a summary of what you will learn. 


Learning Tips

Make sure that you listen to this Audio Lesson in a place where you can speak aloud. Repeating the words aloud is an essential part of learning to speak Hindi.

Every time you hear a word in Hindi, repeat the word aloud after speaker. Try to match the pronunciation as best you can. Hear the word again after you have spoken so that you can learn the difference. You can then repeat the word again if you like before continuing.

When listening to audio (sound), we suggest you use a good quality headset. It will help you understand Hindi word/sound better.
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Hindi Speaking Course - Primary


  • Day 1 - Greetings in Hindi (audio lesson)
  • Day 2 - Greetings Explained (text lesson)
  • Day 3 - Introducing Yourself in Hindi (audio lesson)
  • Day 4 - Introductions Explained (text lesson)
  • Day 5 - Getting What You Want (audio lesson)
  • Day 6 - Ordering Explained (text lesson)
  • Day 7 - "Beginning Numbers"
  • Day 8 - "Advanced Numbers"
  • Day 9 - "Describing a Person"
  • Day 10 - "Understanding Directions and Locations"
  • Day 11 - "Talking About Weather"
  • Day 12 - "Hindi Phrases for Illness or Injury"
  • Day 13 - "Expressions In Hindi"
  • Day 14 - "Talking About Your Interests"
  • Day 15 - "Romantic Hindi Phrases"