Day 10 - The Water (Audio Lesson)

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Do you think it's strange to have a whole lesson on water? I don't. Water comes in so many forms. There's drinking water, soda water, and mineral water, not to mention rivers, lakes, and seas!

The reason that I want to mention water here is because in some areas in south Asia, you may be surprised to find that your experience with drinking water and bathing water is different from what you experience at home. In most parts of south Asia, houses don't have plumbing for hot water, because tap water is tepid from the warm climate. You'll have to make sure you drink "boiled water" or "bottled water" rather than tap water, or risk getting an unwanted guest--such as an amoeba or tapeworm--in your belly.

In this lesson, you're going to learn some of the many words for water. By the end of it, you're going to be able to ask if a room has hot water, whether the water is safe to drink, and how to order a bottle of water.

Let’s get started!

Here is today's Audio Lesson on water. Listen to the Audio Lesson at least once without the assistance of this transcript so that you can practice picking up Hindi from conversation alone. Then, try listening to it again while following along with the written transcript.

Make sure that you listen to this Audio Lesson in a place where you can speak aloud. Repeating the words aloud is an essential part of learning to speak Hindi.

Every time you hear a word in Hindi, repeat the word aloud after speaker. Try to match the pronunciation as best you can. Hear the word again after you have spoken so that you can learn the difference. You can then repeat the word again if you like before continuing.

Use the controls below to play, stop and pause the audio track.

Day 10 - Basic Hindi

In case you feel the need to follow along a written script, here is the conversation you'll be learning in this lesson.


Kavita: mujhe pyaas lagi hai.

Prayank: Kyaa aap ek gilaas paani lena chaahenge?

Kavita: Haan. Kyaa paani ubaalaa gayaa hai?

Prayank: Nahi. Yah nal kaa paani hai.

Kavita: Mujhe nal kaa paani nahi peena. Kyaa paani kee botal hai?

Prayank: Haan. Ye rahaa.

Kavita: Hu, kyaa barf jaisaa thandaa paani hai?

Prayank: yeh theek nahi hai kyaa?

Kavita: Nahi, yeh maamuli thandaa hai.

Prayank: Achchha, kyaa gilas mein barf lenaa chaahengee?

Kavita: Badhiyaa, dhanyavaad.

Prayank: Aapkaa swaagat hai.


Kavita: I'm thirsty.

Prayank:Do you want a glass of water? (polite)

Kavita: Yes. Is it boiled water?

Prayank:No, it's from the tap.

Kavita: I can't drink tap water. Do you have bottled water?

Prayank:Yes. here it is.

Kavita: Um, do you have ice-cold water?

Prayank:It isn't okay?

Kavita: No. It's tepid.

Prayank:Well. Do you want a glass with ice?

Kavita: Perfect. Thank you.

Prayank:You're welcome.

With all this talk of water, I'm thirsty. I'm going to go get myself a drink.


Practice Now!

Re-play the audio and try to speak out the conversation in a loud clear voice in the same manner as of the Hindi speaker. Repeat it till you can copy the speech fairly well.

That's all for today's lesson.

When listening to audio (sound), we suggest you use a good quality headset. It will help you understand Hindi word/sound better.
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