Day 11 - The Water (Conversation Practice)

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Are you ready to see what Santa and Banta are up to?

Today, Santa and Banta are ready to venture out into the streets … not before finding out that their hotel room doesn’t have all the amenities they expected.

Let’s get started!

Follow along with their conversation by playing the audio.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi


Banta: Santa!
Santa: Kyaa baat hai?
Banta: Garam paani nahi hai.
Santa: Mai dekhataa (f. dekhatee) hoon.

Santa joins Banta in the bathroom and examines the water taps. They are marked with an ‘H’ and a ‘C.’ Banta turns on the water tap marked ‘H’ and shows Santa that there’s no hot water.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi

Banta: Dekha. Nahi hai naa.

Santa searches for a hot water switch near the shower, then turns both taps on and lets them run. He nods knowingly at Banta as the water from the ‘H’ tap starts to steam.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi

Santa: Ye rahaa garam paani. 'H' garam ke liye. 'C' thande ke liye.

Now, play the conversation again as you follow along in English

Banta: Santa!
Santa: What’s happening?
Banta: There isn’t any hot water.
Santa: I’ll take a look.
Banta: Look. There isn’t any.
Santa: Here is the hot water. ‘H’ for hot. ‘C’ for cold.

A few hours later, Santa and Banta are refreshed and ready to explore the city. Santa packs a small backpack with his camera, maps, and guidebook. He is filling his water bottle with water from the tap when Banta stops him.

Listen along.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi


Banta: Vah paani mat piyo.
Santa: Kyon?
Banta: Kyonki vah peene laayak nahi hai. Tumhe sirf ubalaa hua paani yaa botal kaa paani hi peenaa chaahiye.

Santa haami bharataa hai aur paani giraa detaa hai.

Water in most South Asian countries isn’t safe to drink from the tap. If you are traveling, you should only drink bottled water (botal kaa paani) or boiled water (ubalaa hua paani). That is why hot beverages like tea are safer than juice, since freshly made juices may be made with unsafe water.

Here is Santa and Banta’s conversation in English:

Banta: Don’t drink that water.
Santa: Why?
Banta: Because it’'s not good to drink. You should only drink boiled water or bottled water.

Santa nods and pours out the water.

Santa and Banta take to the streets. Mahaatmaa Gandhi Marg, where their hotel is located, is a beautiful street full of many shops for tourists.

They stop at a stand along the street to buy a bottle of water.

Listen along.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi


Santa: Ek paani ki botal denaa.
Vendor: Thandaa yaa saamaanya?
Santa: Thandaa.
Vendor: 20 rupaye kaa hai.
Santa: Dhanyavaad.

Here is Santa’s conversation in English.

Santa: A bottle of mineral water, please.
Vendor: Cold or normal?
Santa: Cold.
Vendor: It will be INR20.
Santa: Thank you.

Bottled water in hand, Santa and Banta survey the options available to them.

Listen along.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi


Banta: Ham kyaa karanaa chaahate hain?
Santa: Mai ghoomanaa chaahungaa.(f. chaahungee)
Banta: Mai kharidaari karanaa chaahungaa.
Santa: Kyaa aitihaasik puraani dilli kaa mashahoor Laal Killa nahi dekhanaa chaahoge?
Banta: Haan,aur mai Raastriya Sangrahaalay bhi dekhanaa chaahunga.
Santa: Ek aur bahut mashahoor sangrahaalay nazadeek hi hai. Usko Teen Murti Bhavan kahate hain.

Santa and Banta head off to the national museum for an afternoon of culture.

Let’s take a look at that conversation again, this time in English. Remember to play back the conversation in Hindi so that you can associate the sounds with their English meanings.

Banta: What do we want to do?
Santa: I’d like to walk around.
Banta: I’d like to go shopping.
Santa: Wouldn’t you like to see the famous Red fort in the historic Old delhi?
Banta: Yes. Also I’d like to see the National Museum.
Santa: Another very famous museum is near here. It’s called Teen Murti Bhavan.

As Santa and Banta explore the Indian artifacts in the museum, take some time to think about the following vocabulary that you’ve learned in this lesson.

Listen along.

Day 11 - Basic Hindi



garam paani
thandaa paani
dekhataa hoon
mat piyo
ubalaa hua paani
botal kaa paani
mineral paani
sodaa paani
saada paani
kyaa karanaa hai?
ghoomane chalate hai
kharidaari karate hai


hot water
cold water
“I’m going to look” or “Let’s see.”
look (an informal command)
don’t drink
boiled water
bottled water
mineral water
water with gas (carbonated or fizzy water)
water without gas (flat or noncarbonated water)
it would be or will be
what do we want to do? / what do I want to do?
I’d like / you’d like
go on a tour
go shopping
to see
the museum


Practice Now!

Take a moment to answer the exercises below.

Exercise 1

Match the Hindi word with its English description.


1. sodaa paani ( )
2. garam paani ( )
3. thandaa paani ( )
4. mineral paani ( )
5. saadaa paani ( )
6. ubalaa hua paani ( )
7. botal kaa paani ( )


a. boiled water
b. cold water
c. bottled water
d. flat water
e. hot water
f. mineral water
g. soda water (fizzy)

Exercise 2. kyaa karaanaa chaahoge? (What do you want to do?)

Fill in the blanks in the following story.

Delhi mein tour ke dauraan,
Mai Laal Kilaa _________________ (go on a tour),
Aur aap? Mai ________________ (museum) dekhanaa chaahoongaa,
aur uske baad_________________(shoppping) karanaa chaahoongaa.

How well you do?

Now, take a few minutes to score your answers.

That's all for today's lesson.


Click here to see answers.

Exercise 1.

1 (d)
2 (e)
3 (b)
4 (f)
5 (d)
6 (a)
7 (c)

Exercise 2.

ghoomanaa chaahoongaa (go on a tour)
sangrahaalay (museum)
kharidaari karanaa (go shopping)

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