Day 13 - Greetings and Goodbyes (Audio Lesson)

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Here is today's Audio Lesson on "Greetings and Goodbyes". You'll hear some of the most common "greetings" and "farewells" in Hindi. You will learn more possible responses to the questions, "How are you?". You'll also learn three important phrases that you absolutely MUST know in any language.

Let’s get started!

Use the controls below to play, stop and pause the audio track.

Listen to Greetings

Day 13 - Basic Hindi

Listen to Goodbyes

Day 13 - Basic Hindi

Listen to the Audio Lesson without the benefit of the transcript of the conversation. Why? Because hearing Hindi words aloud and learning to repeat them WITHOUT the benefit of the written word will build a very special language-learning skill in your brain. You'll learn how to start speaking a language the way a native does: from the audible word aloud. This skill will prove invaluable as you'll be able to pick up new words from the conversations around you.

In case you feel the need to follow along a written script, here is the conversation you'll be learning in this lesson.


Purushh: Namaskaar!
Mahilaa: Namaskaar! aap kaise hain?
Purushh: Bahut achchha, aur aap?
Mahilaa: Bahut badhiyaa.

Saying goodbye

Purushh: Achchha, aap se milkar khushi huyee.
Mahilaa: Mujhe bhi.
Purushh: Baad mein fir milate hain!
Mahilaa: Jaruur.


Purushh: Greetings.
Mahilaa: Greetings. How are you? (polite)
Purushh: Very well. And you? (polite)
Mahilaa: Very well.


Purushh: Well, It's been a pleasure.
Mahilaa: Equally.
Purushh: See you later!
Mahilaa: Sure.


Practice Now!

Re-play the audio and try to speak out the conversation in a loud clear voice in the same manner as of the Hindi speaker. Repeat it till you can copy the speech fairly well.

That's all for today's lesson.

When listening to audio (sound), we suggest you use a good quality headset. It will help you understand Hindi word/sound better.
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