Day 3 - Life's Necessities (Quiz)

Hindi Speaking Courses

Not everyone has someone they can practice their Hindi with. So, in case you don't know someone who speaks the language, the second best thing is to test yourself.

Take this quiz to see how well you've mastered your newly acquired knowledge. You can take it as many times as you like until you get the score you want!

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to test yourself?

Exercise 1. Choose the correct Hindi phrase that expresses each English phrase.

1.When is breakfast?

Jalpaan kab hai?
Jalpaan kab milegaa?
Naastaa kab milegaa?
Naastaa kab hai?

2. Where is it?

Kahaan hai?
Kidhar hai?
Yah kahaan hai?
Yah kidhar hai?

3. I want potato chips.

Mujhe aaloo-chips chaahiye.
Mujhe aaloo-chips pasand hain.
Mai aaloo-chips chaahataa hoon.
Mai aaloo-chips pasand karataa hoon.

4. Yes, it’s over there.

Haan, vahaan hai.
Haan, vah vahaan hai.
Vahaan hai.
Vah vahaan hai.

5. Are you hungry? (polite)

Bhukh lagee hai?
Kyaa bhukh lagee hai?
Bhukhe ho?
Kyaa bhukhe hain?

6. What would you like to eat (informal)?

Kyaa chaahoge?
Kyaa lenaa chaahoge?
Kyaa khaanaa chaahoge?
Khaanaa kyaa chaahoge?

7. It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.

Theek hai. Mai tumhaaraa intezaar karungaa.
Achchhaa hai. Mai intezaar karungaa.
Theek. Mai tumhaarey liye rukaa hoon.
Theek hi hai. Mai intezaar karungaa.

8. The bathroom is over there.

Snaan-ghar udhar hai.
Snaan-ghar idhar hai.
Snaan-ghar vahaan hai.
Snaan-ghar yahaan hai.

9. I want a glass of water.

Ek gilaas paanee.
Ek gilaas paanee chaahiye.
Ek gilaas paanee chahataa hoon.
Mai ek gilaas paanee chahataa hoon.

10. Thank you for your help.

Sahaayataa (or, madad) ke liye dhanyavaad.
Apakee sahaayataa (or, madad) ke liye dhanyavaad.
Sahaayataa (or, madad) karane ke liye dhanyavaad.
Aap dwaara sahaayataa (or, madad) ke liye dhanyavaad.

Exercise 2. Now, see if you can try this exercise in reverse. Choose the correct English phrase that expresses the Hindi meaning.

11. Mai snaan karanaa chaahataa hoon.

I would like a bath.
I want the bathroom.
I need the bathroom.
I need a bath.

12. Mai yahaan hoon.

There it is.
Here it is.
I’m over here.
I am there.

13. Mai tumhaaraa intezaar karungaa.

One moment.
I hope you’re well.
I’ll wait for you.
I hope.

14. Yah kab hai?

Where is the concert?
When is breakfast?
When is it?
When is the concert?

15. Mujhe thakaan hai.

I’m thirsty.
I’m tired.
I’m sleepy.
I’m hungry.

16. Mai ek gilaas paanee chaahataa hoon.

I want a glass of tea.
I need a drink.
I want a glass of water.
I would like a glass of water.

17. Mai kuchh peenaa chaahataa hoon.

I want something to eat.
I’d like to drink something.
I would like to get something.
I would like something to drink.

18. Awasta, mai madad karanaa chaahoongaa.

Of course, I’d like to help.
Come over, I’d like to see you.
Perfect, I’d love to do it.
Great, I’d like to help.

19. Mai kuchh khaanaa chaahataa hoon.

I’d like something to go.
I need to eat something.
I hope for something better.
I want something to eat.

20. Maaf kijiye, snaan-ghar kidhar hai?

Excuse me, where might I find the bathroom?
Please, could you tell me where the bathroom is?
I’m sorry, where is the bathroom?
Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

How well you do?

Completed the quiz? Now, take a few minutes to score your answers.

That's all for today's lesson.


Check your answers

Exercise 1. Most appropriate answer is given below. (All other answers are also acceptable)

1 (b)
2 (a)
3 (c)
4 (b)
5 (d)
6 (c)
7 (a)
8 (a)
9 (c)
10 (d)

Exercise 2.

11 (a)
12 (c)
13 (c)
14 (c)
15 (b)
16 (c)
17 (b)
18 (a)
19 (d)
20 (d)

If you got over 16 out of 20, congratulations! If you scored lower, you may wish to review the previous lessons on this topic.

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