Day 5 - At The Airport (Conversation Practice)

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We'll keep following the adventures of Santa and Banta, our funny duo traveling to Delhi for a tour of the region's riches. They've arrived at the airport in Delhi and need to get to their hotel.

In this lesson, they’ve arrived at Delhi International Airport . They need to make their way to their hotel. As the plane lands at the Indira Gandhi anter-raastriya hawaai-addaa, or Palam raastriya hawaai-addaa, Santa and Banta put on their backpacks and watch excitedly through the window. They file off the plane.

"Look at the sign, Santa," says Banta. "Delhi mein aapka swaagat hai." That means ‘Welcome to Delhi,’ doesn’t it?”

They follow the path marked 'aa-gaman' for Arrivals and stand in line at customs. After passing through customs, they follow the signs to saamaan ghar, or baggage claim, to pick up their luggage.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Now, they need to find a taxi to their hotel. Banta stops a security guard. Follow along with their conversation by clicking on the play button.

Day 5 - Basic Hindi


Banta: Maaf kijiye, taxi-stand kahaan hai?

Guard: Taxi-stand? Us darwaaze se jaayiye. Kyaa saamaan le jaane mein madad chaahiye?

Banta: Nahi, Dhanyavaad. Hum theek hain.

Now, play the conversation again, trying to hear each word and phrase in terms of its English meaning.

Banta: Excuse me, sir. Where is the taxi stand?

Guard: Taxi stand? It is through those doors. Do you need help with the luggage?

Banta: No, thank you. We’re fine.

Here are some of the important words and phrases that you should be able to pick out of the conversation.

Listen along.

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

kahaan hai? where is?

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

taxi-stand taxi-stop

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

us darwaaze se through that door

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

kyaa madad chaahiye? do you need help?

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

saamaan luggage

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

nahi, dhanyavaad no, thanks

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

hum theek hain we’re fine / I’m fine

Now, back to the story.

At the taxi stand, Santa and Banta hail the driver of a taxi. As the taxi driver puts their luggage in his car, Santa attempts to find out how much it will cost to get to their hotel.

Day 5 - Basic Hindi


Santa: Hum mahaatmaa Gandhi marg par Hotel Windsor mein jaa rahe hain. Kitanaa kiraayaa hoga?

Driver: Maloom nahi jee, raaste par nirbhar hai.

Santa: lag-bhag?

Driver: Takariban bees dollar.

Santa: Kyaa bahut duur hai?

Driver: Nahi, bahut duur nahi hai, lekin raaste mein traffic jyaada hai.

Santa: Kitane der ka raasta hai?

Driver: Takariban ek ghante kaa.

Play the conversation again as you try to follow it in English.

Santa: We’re going to the Windsor Hotel on Mahaatmaa Gandhi Marg. How much is the fare?

Driver: I don’t know, sir. It depends.

Santa: But more or less.

Driver: Well, more or less, it costs two dollars.

Santa: Is it very far away?

Driver: No, it’s not very far away, but there is a lot of traffic.

Santa: How long is the trip?

Driver: About one hour.

Here are some of the important words and phrases that you should be able to pick out of the conversation.

Listen along.

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

jaa rahe hain going to

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

marg par in or on the street

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

kitanaa kiraayaa hoga? how much is the fare?

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

kiraayaa the fare

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

maaloom nahi don’t know

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

nirbhar hai depends

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

lag-bhag more or less

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

lekin but

Day 5 - Basic Hindi

kitane der kaa raastaa hai? how long is the trip?

The taxi driver gets into the taxi as Santa and Banta slide into the back seat. The driver turns the ignition. The taxi coughs several times, then dies. Santa and Banta look at each other. Santa asks the driver, “koi pareshaani hai?” or Is there a problem? The driver grunts and tries again. This time, the taxi roars to life, and the driver peals off into the streets of Delhi.


Practice Now!

Here are some exercises to practice what you have learned. You’ll need to use vocabulary from the previous lesson, so I hope you’ve studied!

Exercise 1

Pretend that you’re in Santa and Banta’s shoes. How would you ask the following questions?
1. Where is the bus stop?________________________________________
2. Where is the baggage claim? ________________________________________
3. Where is the hotel? ________________________________________
4. Where are the restrooms? ________________________________________
5. Where are the suitcases? ________________________________________
Hint: there’s a difference between “where is” and “where are”!

Exercise 2

Now, try asking how much things cost by translating the following questions.

1. How much does the beer cost? _________________________________________
2. How much does the packet of potato chips cost?________________________________________
3. How much does the breakfast cost? _________________________________________
4. How much does the fare cost? _________________________________________
5. How much does the taxi fare cost? _________________________________________

How well you do?

Now, take a few minutes to score your answers.

Well, that’s it for now. In next lesson, you'll learn the further adventures of Santa and Banta. They arrive at their hotel only to find that the hotel has lost their reservations, and they’re going to have to figure out what to do.


Click here to see answers.

Exercise 1.

1. Bus-stop kidhar hai?
2. Saamaan-ghar kidhar hai?
3. Hotel kidhar hai?
4. Shouchaalay kahaan hain?
5. Suitcase kahaan hain?

Exercise 2.

1. Beer kitane kaa hai?
2. Aloo-chips packet kitane kaa hai?
3. Naastaa kitane kaa hai?
4. Kiraayaa kitanaa hai?
5. Taxi kaa kiraayaa kitanaa hai?

If there's anything you didn't understand clearly, review it now.

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