Day 6 - At The Airport (Quiz)

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Exercise 1. Choose the correct Hindi phrase that expresses each English phrase.

1.I speak English.

Mai inglish bolataa hoon.
Mai inglish bol sakataa hoon.
Mai inglish bol letaa hoon.
Mai inglish bol rahaa hoon.

2. Can I see?

Main dekh sakataa hoon?
Kya main dekh sakataa hoon?
Kyaa dekh sakataa hoon?
dekh sakataa hoon?

3. Excuse me, where is the taxi stand?

Maaf kijiye, taxi stand kahaan hai?
Maaf kijiye, taxi stand kidhar hai?
Maaf kijiye, taxi stand kis taraf hai?
Maaf kijiye, taxi stand kis jagah hai?

4. The bathroom is on the left.

Snaan-ghat saamane hai.
Snaan-ghat baayen hai.
Snaan-ghat daahine hai.
Snaan-ghat pichhe hai.

5. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Hindi.

Mujhe khed hai, mai Hindi nahi bol sakataa.
Mujhe khed hai, mai Hindi nahi bolataa.
Mujhe khed hai, mujhe Hindi bolanaa nahi aataa.
Mujhe khed hai, Hindi bolanaa nahi aataa.

6. Where is the international airport?

Anter-raastriy hawaai-adda kahaan hai?
Anter-raastriy hawaai-adda kidhar hai?
Anter-raastriy hawaai-adda kis taraf hai?
Anter-raastriy hawaai-adda kis ore hai?

7. Follow the sign.

Sanket ko dekh-kar chaliye.
Sanket ke peechhe chaliye.
Sanket ke anusaar chaliye.
Sanket ke anusaar jaaeeye.

8. It’s outside.

Baahar hai.
Vo baahar hai.
Yeh baahar hai.
Iske baahar hai.

9. You’re welcome.

Aapkaa swaagat hai.
swaagat hai.
Aap aaeeye.

10. How much does it cost?

Kitane kaa hai?
Yeh kitane kaa hai?
Iski keemat kitanee hai?
Kitanee keemat hai?

Exercise 2. Now, see if you can try this exercise in reverse. Choose the correct English phrase that expresses the Hindi meaning.

11. Kyaa apanaa passport dikha sakate hain?

Can I have your passport, please?
Can I take your passport?
Can I see your passport?
Can you show me your passport?

12. Saamaan ghar bund hai.

The baggage claim is on the left.
The baggage claim is outside.
The baggage claim is on the right.
The baggage claim is close.

13. Kyaa saamaan uthaane me madad karoge?

Will you help me with the luggage?
Do you need help with the suitcases?
Can I help you with that?
Do you need your suitcases checked?

14. Indian Airlines aapkaa swaagat karataa hai.

Welcome to Indian Airlines.
Farewell from Indian Airlines.
Thank you for your custom.
Welcome to India.

15. Bus-stop terminal ke bheetar hi hai.

The taxi stop is beside the terminal.
The bus stop is in the terminal.
The bus stop is outside the terminal.
The taxi stop is outside the terminal.

16. Kiraayaa kitanaa hai?

How much is the ticket?
When is the flight?
How much does the fare cost?
Where is the pathway?

17. Dhanyavaab, nahi chaahiye.

No thank you, it’s okay.
No thanks, I’m fine.
Thank you, but no.
Thanks, I’m not all right.

18. Meraa saamaan kahaan hai?

Where is my luggage?
Where is the equipment?
Where is the baggage claim?
Where is the hand luggage?

19. Kyaa bahut duur hai?

Is it very far?
Is it near?
Is it outside?
Is it inside?

20. maaf kijiye, hawaai-adda kidhar hai?

Excuse me, miss. Where is the national airport?
Excuse me, miss. Where is the airport?
Excuse me, ma’am. Where is the international airport?
Pardon me, sir. Where is the international airport?

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Check your answers

Exercise 1. Most appropriate answer is given below.

1 (b)
2 (b)
3 (b)
4 (b)
5 (b)
6 (b)
7 (c)
8 (a)
9 (a)
10 (b)

Exercise 2.

11 (d)
12 (d)
13 (a)
14 (a)
15 (b)
16 (c)
17 (c)
18 (a)
19 (a)
20 (b)

If you got over 16 out of 20, congratulations! If you scored lower, you may wish to review the previous lessons on this topic.

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