Day 7 - At The Hotel (Audio Lesson)

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Now, once you get out of an airport, you're going to probably need to find your way to a hotel. How do you make reservations and get a room? That's exactly what I'll teach you in the next lesson on "The Hotel". I promise that you'll find it very, very useful.

From the moment you get off the airplane in a foreign country, one of your biggest concerns is finding a place to stay the night--or, if you have reservations, it's getting to your hotel and checking in. In this lesson, you're going to learn some of the most basic words and phrases that you HAVE to know if you are going to get a room in a hotel in a Hindi-speaking country. You'll learn the words for reservation, for single and double rooms, even how to ask how much a room will cost for the night.

Let’s get started!

Here is today's Audio Lesson on reserving a room in a hotel. Listen to the Audio Lesson at least once without the assistance of this transcript so that you can practice picking up Hindi from conversation alone. Then, try listening to it again while following along.

Make sure that you listen to this Audio Lesson in a place where you can speak aloud. Repeating the words aloud is an essential part of learning to speak Hindi.

Every time you hear a word in Hindi, repeat the word aloud after speaker. Try to match the pronunciation as best you can. Hear the word again after you have spoken so that you can learn the difference. You can then repeat the word again if you like before continuing.

Use the controls below to play, stop and pause the audio track.

Day 7 - Basic Hindi

In case you feel the need to follow along a written script, here is the conversation you'll be learning in this lesson.


Kavita: Namaskaar.

Prayank: Namaskaar, mai aapki kyaa madad kar sakataa hoon?

Kavita: Mujhe ek kamaraa chaahiye.

Prayank: Bahut achchhaa, kyaa aap ne aarakshan kiyaa hai?

Kavita: Nahi.

Prayank: Koi baat nahi. Kitane log hain?

Kavita: Sirf ek.

Prayank: Kitane din ke liye?

Kavita: Sirf ek raat.

Prayank: Haan, yahaan ek kamaraa hai.

Kavita: Ek raat kaa kiraayaa kitanaa hai?

Prayank: Iska kiraayaa Rs 1500 hai.

Kavita: Yeh theek hai, Dhanyavaad.


Kavita: Greetings.

Prayank: Greetings. How may I help you?

Kavita: I need a room.

Prayank: Very well. Do you have a reservation?

Kavita: No.

Prayank: Well, well... For how many people?

Kavita: For one.

Prayank: For how many nights?

Kavita: For one night.

Prayank: Yes, there's a single room.

Kavita: How much does it cost for the night?

Prayank: It costs INR 1500.

Kavita: That's fine. Thank you.

I hope that this information serves you well the next time you need to get a room in a Hindi-speaking country.


Practice Now!

Re-play the audio and try to speak out the conversation in a loud clear voice in the same manner as of the Hindi speaker. Repeat it till you can copy the speech fairly well.

That's all for today's lesson.

When listening to audio (sound), we suggest you use a good quality headset. It will help you understand Hindi word/sound better.
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