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I hope you enjoyed this series of lessons and made the most of each lesson.

I am confident that you will be able to start a conversation and introduce yourself in Hindi, describe a person, weather, location or direction, understand the meaning of Hindi numbers used in a sentence, and indulge in some romantic talk when in mood for it.

There’s Even More Ahead!
This is just the bare essentilas of your Hindi education. There’s so much more to learn … like how to manage life's necessities, how to deal with airport personnels, how to get a hotel room, how to fill out forms, how to set up a time to meet your new Hindi friends, even how to flirt and how to argue!

Certainly you'd like to learn further. Then going through the next part of this course should be your obvious choice.
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Lessons : Hindi Speaking Course - Basic
  • Day 16 - "Life's Necessities" Audio Lesson
  • Day 17 - "Life's Necessities" Conversation Practice
  • Day 18 - "Life's Necessities" Quiz
  • Day 19 - "At The Airport" Audio Lesson
  • Day 20 - "At The Airport" Conversation Practice
  • Day 21 - "At The Airport" Quiz
  • Day 22 - "At The Hotel" Audio Lesson
  • Day 23 - "At The Hotel" Conversation Practice
  • Day 24 - "At The Hotel" Quiz
  • Day 25 - "The Water" Audio Lesson
  • Day 26 - "The Water" Conversation Practice
  • Day 27 - "The Water" Quiz
  • Day 28 - Greetings (advanced)- Audio Lesson
  • Day 29 - Greetings (advanced)- Conversation Practice
  • Day 30 - Greetings (advanced)- Quiz