Day 1 - Greetings in Hindi (Audio Lesson)

Hindi Speaking Courses

Unlike other courses, you're not going to start memorizing vocabulary words or practicing grammar. Rather, you’re going to start learning to SPEAK Hindi in a conversation, right from the word-go!

Listen to the first audio course on basic greetings in Hindi. The lesson lasts for just over 5 minutes. By the end of it, you’ll be able to greet someone in Hindi and ask how they are.

Let’s get started!

Use the controls below to play, stop and pause the audio track.

Day 1 - Elementary Hindi


Here is the conversation you're learning in this lesson.


Purushh: Namaskaar!

Mahilaa: Namaskaar, Purushh! Kaise ho?

Purushh: Bahut Achchhaa, aur aap?

Mahilaa: Achchhee hoon.


Purushh: Hello!

Mahilaa: Hello, Purushh! How are you?

Purushh: Very well, and you?

Mahilaa: I'm fine.


Practice Now!

Re-play the audio and try to speak out the conversation in a loud clear voice in the same manner as of the Hindi speaker. repeat it till you can copy the speech fairly well.

I really hope you enjoyed taking these first simple and easy steps toward learning the Hindi language with me, and you're starting to get an idea of how the words look, sound, and feel.

When listening to audio (sound), we suggest you use a good quality headset. It will help you understand Hindi word/sound better.
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