Day 12 - Hindi Phrases for Illness or Injury

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Hopefully you won’t be in a situation where you need to use the following phrases and words, but it’s still important to know them. You might have to go to a pharmacy to get some medicine. Therefore you need to know how to express what your problem is and where exactly you have pain.

Let’s get started!

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Day 6 - Primary Hindi


Mujhe dard hai.
Mujhe sar dard hai.
Mujhe pet dard hai.
Mujhe gale mein dard hai.
Mujhe kaan mein dard hai.
Mujhe daant mein dard hai.
Mai beemaar hoon.
Mai beemaar lag rahaa (f. rahee) hoon.
Mery tabiyat kharaab hai.
Mujhe kamajori lag rahee hai.

I have pain.
I have a headache.
I have a stomach ache
I have a sore throat.
I have sore ears.
I have a tooth ache.
I’m sick.
I’m feeling sick.
I feel unwell.
I feel weak.

The following phrases are useful when describing where it hurts.

Day 6 - Primary Hindi


Mere baajoo mein tej dard hai.
Mere paanv mein tej dard hai.
Mere sar mein tej dard hai.
Mere ghutane mein tej dard hai.
Mere pair mein tej dard hai.
Mere ungalee mein tej dard hai.
Mere aankh mein tej dard hai.
Mere kandhe mein tej dard hai.
Mere peeth mein tej dard hai.
Mere kalaai mein tej dard hai.

My arm hurts.
My leg hurts.
My head hurts.
My knee hurts.
My foot hurts.
My finger hurts.
My eye hurts.
My shoulder hurts.
My back hurts.
My wrist hurts.

When you go to the doctor he or she will ask you about your symptoms.

Listen along.

Day 6 - Primary Hindi


Kis tarah ke lakshan hain?
Kyaa dard hai?
Kidhar dard hai?
Kyaa bukhaar hai?.

What kind of symptoms do you have?
Do you have pain?
Where do you have pain?
Do you have fever?

Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with you. You could say..

Day 6 - Primary Hindi


mujhe sardee hai.
mujhe flu hai.
mujhe saans ki takaleef hai.
mujhe bukhaar hai.
mujhe koi chhuaa-chhoot hai.
mujhe virus lagee hai.
mujhe allegy hai.
mujhe mausami bukhaar hai.
mujhe maasik kaa dard hai.
mujhe neend nahi aati hai.

I have a cold.
I have the flu.
I have nausea.
I have fever.
I have an infection.
I have a virus.
I have an allergy.
I have hay fever.
I have period pain.
I have insomnia.

Maybe you cut yourself and all you need is a bandage, you might need some sleeping pills for a long haul flight or cough syrup. Here is what you have to say..

Day 6 - Primary Hindi


Mujhe bandage chaahiye.
Mujhe crutches chaahiye.
Mujhe sone ki goliyaan chaahiye.
Mujhe antibiotics chaahiye.
Mujhe cough syrup chaahiye.
Mujhe dawaa ki parchee chaahiye.

I need bandages.
I need crutches.
I need sleeping pills.
I need antibiotics.
I need cough syrup.
I need a prescription.

Here are some more general phrases and words

Day 6 - Primary Hindi


dawaa ki dukaan
sahaa-yataa (also madad)
mujhe sahaayataa chaahiye.
mujhe doctor chaahiye.
yah aakasmik jarurat hai.
ambulance bulaao.

The Pharmacy
The Medicine
The Ambulance
The hospital
I need help!
I need a doctor!
It’s an emergency!
Call an ambulance!


Practice Now!

Take a moment to answer the exercises below.

Exercise 1

Match the Hindi phrases and words with the correct English translation. Write the letter of the correct answer in the space provided.

1. sahaayataa ( ____ )
2. Mujhe kamajori lag rahee hai.( ____ )
3. Mai beemaar hoon. ( ____ )
4. mujhe sardee hai. ( ____ )
5. Mujhe dawaa ki parchee chaahiye.( ____ )
a. I have a cold.
b. I’m sick.
c. I feel weak.
d. I need a prescription
e. Help!


How well you do?

Now, take a few minutes to score your answers.

That's all for today's lesson.


Click here to see answers.

Exercise 1.

1 (e)
2 (c)
3 (b)
4 (a)
5 (d)

If there's anything you didn't understand clearly, review it now.


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