Day 13 - Expressions In Hindi

Hindi Speaking Courses

Here are some very useful phrases for you that will make you sound more fluent and are handy to know when socializing with your Hindi speaking friends.

Let’s get started!

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Day 7 - Primary Hindi


maze lo!
aapki yatra sukhad ho!
khane kaa aanand lo!
bahut achchhaa
dhyaan se
saav-dhaani se
shubh-kaamanaon ke saath
janm din ki shubh-kaamanaaye!
ishwar ki anu-kampaa bani rahe!
x-mas ki badhaaiyaan!
nav-vars ki shubh-kaamanaaye!

Good luck!
Have fun!
Lots of love!
Have a good trip!
Enjoy your meal!
Well done!
Take care! (casual)
Take care! (formal)
Best wishes to…
Happy Birthday!
Bless you!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Let’s see how to apologize. The easiest way to apologize in Hindi is to say…mujhe khed hai or mujhe dukh hai. You can use this for just about anything.

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

mujhe khed hai / mujhe dukh hai I’m sorry!

Another way to say “I’m sorry” is "maaf kijiye" or "kshamaa kijiye". This one is more of an “Excuse me” phrase.
maaf kijiye, shauchaalay kidhar hai? “Excuse me, but where are the toilets?”

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

maaf kijiye! or kshamaa kijiye!
Excuse me!

And when you’re late for a meeting, you can say

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

der se aane ke liye maaf kijiye!
sorry for being late!

When you have to interrupt a meeting, say..

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

rukaavat ke liye maaf kijiye.
Sorry to interrupt.

A polite way to ask someone to get out of your way, or if you’re leaving a conversation, or leaving a table is to say..

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

anumati dijiye.
Excuse me.(lit. with permission)

If someone stepped on your toes and apologized you might want to say..

Day 7 - Primary Hindi

koi baat nahi!
No worries!


Practice Now!

Now, You test your Hindi skills below.

Exercise 1

Match the Hindi phrases and words with the correct English translation. Write the letter of the correct answer in the space provided.

1. saubhaagya! ( ____ )
2. maze lo! ( ____ )
3. swaagatam! ( ____ )
4. kshamaa kijiye! ( ____ )
5. koi baat nahi! ( ____ )
a. Have fun!
b. No worries!
c. I'm sorry!
d. Welcome!
e. Good luck!


How well you do?

Now, take a few minutes to score your answers.

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.


Click here to see answers.

Exercise 1.

1 (e)
2 (a)
3 (d)
4 (c)
5 (b)

If there's anything you didn't understand clearly, review it now.


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