Day 9 - Describing a Person

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How would you describe your new friend? What trait makes him/her special?

If you are asking what a person is like you might hear anything as an answer. A person may be short, tall, fat, skinny, nice, mean, rich or poor. All of these qualities are descriptions and this is what this lesson is about.

Let’s get started!

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Let’s think about how we might describe a person. What about the hair?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


Sumit has short hair.
Usha has long hair.
She has medium-length hair.
He has straight hair.
She has wavy hair.
Ishita has curly hair.
I have gray hair.
Palash has dark hair.
Osho has blond hair.
Roman has red hair.

Sumit ke baal chhote hain.
Usha ke baal lambe hain.
uske baal beech ki lambaai ke hain.
Uske baal seedhe hain.
Uske baal laharaate huye hain.
Ishita ke baal ghungharaale hain.
Mere baal bhure hai.
Palaash ke baal gahare rang ke hain.
Osho ke baal sunahare hain.
Roman ke baal laal hain.

And for a bald person, you can say…

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


He is bald.

Vah ganjaa hai.

What about the eye and skin color?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


He has brown eyes.
She has green eyes.
He has blue eyes.
She has blue-grey eyes.
She is dark-skinned.
He is fair-skinned.
She is pale-skinned.

Uski aankhe bhuri hai.
Uski aankhe hari hai.
Uski aankhe neeli hai.
Uski aankhe aasamaani hai.
Uskaa rang saanwalaa hai.
Uskaa rang goraa hai.
Uskaa rang peelaa hai.

What about other features, like height and weight?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


He/She is short.
He/She is tall.
He/She is thin.
He/She is fat.

vah chhotaa/chhotee hai.
Vah lambaa/lambee hai.
Vah patalaa/patalee hai.
Vah motaa/motee hai.

Is there a particular feature that distinguishes them from other people?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


She has a wide lips.
He has a narrow lips.
She has dimples.
He has a mole..on..
She has a birth mark.
She has thick lips.
He has bushy eyebrows.
She has big ears.
He has a scar..on..
She has a high forehead.

Uskaa honth motaa hai.
Uskaa honth patalaa hai.
Uske gaal mein gaddhe padate hain.
Uske .. upar ek til hai.
Uske .. upar ek janm-nishaaani hai.
Uske honth badde hain.
Uski bhauhe ghani hain.
Uske kaan lambe hain.
Uske .. upar chot kaa nishaan hai.
Uskaa maathaa chaura hai.

There are a few expressions to describe the type of nose your friend may have...

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


She has a Roman nose.
He has a button nose.
She has a big nose.
He has a boxer’s nose.
She has an upturned nose.
He has a broken nose.

Uski naak patli lambi hai.
Uski naak gol chhoti hai.
Uski naak badi hai.
Uski naak chapati hai.
Uski naak uthi hui hai.
Uski naak tuti hui hai.

Now, what about other abilities and features?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


She is sweet.
He is handsome.
She is pretty.
He is ugly.
She is well dressed.
He is scruffy.

Vah bahut achchhe swabhaav ki hai.
Vah khub-surat hai.
Vah bahut pyaari hai.
Vah bad-surat hai.
Usane achchhi poshaak pahani hai.
Vah bad-mizaaz hai.

What sort of a person is she? What kind of personality does he have?

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


He/She is open / frank.
He/she is quiet.
He/She is cheerful.
He/She is ambitious.
He/She is friendly.
He/She is intelligent.
He/She is patient.
He/She is clumsy.
He/She is serious.
He/She is kind.
He/She is hard-working.
He/She is sensitive.
He/She is lazy.
He/She is funny.

Vah be-hichak bolataa/bolati hai.
Vah shant rahataa/rahatee hai.
Vah khus-mizaaz hai.
Vah mahatvaa-kaanchhi hai.
Vah dostaanaa swabhaav kaa/kee hai.
Vah buddhi-maan/buddhi-mati hai.
Vah dhairya-vaan/dhairya-vati hai.
Vah dhilaa/dhilee hai.
Vah gambhir swabhaav kaa/kee hai.
Vah dayaalu hai.
Vah mehanati hai.
vah samvedan-sheel hai.
Vah aalasee hai.
Vah mazaakiya swabhaav kaa/kee hai.

If you spot someone who’s very beautiful on the street, you can comment to your friend…

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


She’s really beautiful!

Vah vaakai khub-surat hai.

And your friend (who happens to be a girl) can turn to you and say...

Day 3 - Primary Hindi


He’s not bad either!

Vah bhi koi buraa nahi hai.

With all these descriptions you should be able to describe anyone in Hindi.

That's all for today's lesson.


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