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Introduction - Hindi Fonts

Some of the Hindi Fonts pages on this website use Hindi fonts to display Hindi alphabets and transliteration. It should display on most Windows based computers without problems.

However, there are so many varieties of computers and browsers that I cannot claim that Hindi fonts will display on all of them. I am considering changing to Unicode fonts, but find that they also have numerous problems in their implementation.

Download Hindi Fonts

Below is a list of resources where you can obtain Hindi fonts:

Hindi Fonts Help

Windows - You can download and install the True Type Hindi Fonts for windows and view the pages that way. Download fonts from URLs above.

Macintosh - Downloadable Hindi fonts do not seem to display on Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer. But, you can download and install Mac version of the font and then view the files. Also it seems that there may be a conflict between Downloadable fonts and Mac OS. Internet Explorer on the Mac does not support self downloading fonts.

Unix - There is a Unix version of the Hindi fonts available so if the dynamic font does not work in Unix, which I suspect it does not, then please download the Unix font and try and view the pages.

Unicode - In theory Unicode will replace the kind of font implementation used in these pages. However, in practice I have found that if I install and configure the browser for Unicode Devanagari, then other Hindi sites displaying Devanagari in the way that this site does no longer work at all. I do not consider this as satisfactory.

Note: If you use Internet Explorer 6+ in Windows Vista/XP/2000, you should have no problems in viewing and editing Hindi text correctly. Mozilla Firefox requires support for complex text layout, otherwise it might display the Hindi text incorrectly. The support for complex text layout is usually turned off by default, but this Wikipedia article gives a detailed explanation on how to turn it on in various operating systems.

Some Reports On Self Downloading Fonts

Operating System Browser Type Dynamic font? Install font?
Win 98 IE5 Normally works okay possible
NT4 IE5 Some positive results possible
WIN2000 IE5/6 Some positive results possible
WINXP IE5/6 Some positive results possible
MAC os 9 IE5 does not work may be possible
UNIX ? does not work may be possible

Let Us Know

For the present I cannot offer much help with Hindi fonts display issues. But I would welcome feedback from people who visit the site telling me of the problems they are having as then I can see whether I can find any way to overcome those problems.