Hindi Learner Home study Course

What Is HindiLearner Home Study Course?

HindiLearner Home Study Course is the only offline interactive learning system of it’s kind, delivering “Done For You” materials that take you step by step through every nuance of learning to speak and understand Hindi, and eliminate all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of YOUR practice time!

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to speak and understand Hindi confidently and naturally, including: students, professionals, coaches, and even authors or speakers.


Module 1 - Hindi Alphabets & Their Pronunciation

Module 2 - Basic Hindi Words & Expressions

Module 3 - Forming Basic Hindi Sentences

Module 4 - Start Speaking in Hindi

Module 5 - Hindi Grammar Essentials

Module 6 - Fluent Hindi Conversation


Furthermore, each module includes a digital text-book which you can use as a reference material  to quickly and easily find your way around the course.

The course package also includes a Getting Started Guide to help focus on progress, and guide all your action toward your desired result!



Here's What You Will Receive...


Module 1 - Hindi Alphabets & Their Pronunciation

Start your Hindi language learning with clear understanding of Hindi alphabets' reading, writing,  & pronunciation and how you can utilze it in different circumstances. This is your chance to build a solid foundation in Hindi language. 

After completing this module, you will be able to: 

  • Recognize Roman transliteration of Hindi alphabets. 
  • Recognize Hindi alphabets written in Devnagri script. 
  • Understand significance of vowel symbols in Hindi pronunciation/writing.
  • Understand the way each alphabet is spoken and written.
  • Develop accurate pronunciation skill of different Hindi syllables.


You get to learn about:

 Lesson 1 - Hindi Vowels. 

  •  Vowel Signs - Matra Symbols 
  •  Types of Vowels 
  •  Some Important Notes 
  •  Pronunciation Examples 
  •  Self Test 


 Lesson 2 - Hindi Consonants. 

  •  Transliteration in Roman Script 
  •  Types of Consonants 
  •  Some Important Notes 
  •  Pronunciation Examples 
  •  Self Test - Types of Consonants


 Lesson 3 - More About Hindi Alphabets 

  •  Vowel Clusters 
  •  Mouth Positions During Speech 
  •  Alphabets with Diacritical Dot 
  •  Distinction between dental and retroflex consonants 
  •  Un-aspirated & Aspirated consonants 
  •  Double or Long Consonants 
  •  Consonant Clusters 


 Lesson 4a - Combined Alphabets 

  •  Combined Vowels - Swar Sandhi 
  •  Combined Consonants - Vyanjan Sandhi 
  •  Visarg Sandhi 
  •  Self Test 


 Lesson 4b - Accent and Intonation 

  •  Accent 
  •  Intonation 


 Lesson 5 - Numerical Figures in Hindi 

  •  Hindi Numerals 
  •  Hindi Counting 
  •  Writing Hindi Numbers 
  •  Hindi Ordinal Numbers 
  •  Fractional Numbers in Hindi 
  •  Self Test 




Module 2 - Basic Hindi Words & Expressions

Are you always searching for the right word? It's time to improve your vocabulary.

After completing this module, you shall be able to:

  • Greet people in Hindi.
  • Convey some pleasantries in Hindi on special occassions/situations.
  • Get yourself introduced to someone in Hindi.
  • Convey your feelings in Hindi about specific objects like food, scene, mood.
  • Put questions to others in Hindi.
  • Begin use of Hindi words and phrases in common use.


You get to learn about:

 Lesson 1 - Greetings & Basic Expressions 

  •  Everyday Greetings 
  •  Response to Greetings 
  •  Everyday Expressions 
  •  Introducing Yourself 
  •  Getting to Know Others 
  •  Self Test 


 Lesson 2 - Situational Greetings

  •  Time Related Greetings 
  •  Compliments and Praises 
  •  Festival Greetings 
  •  Anniversary Greetings 
  •  New Year Greetings 
  •  Self Test 


 Lesson 3 - Frequently Used Hindi Phrases 

  •  Get Started 
  •  I Like - Dislike.. 
  •  1st Person Pronouns 
  •  2nd Person Pronouns 
  •  Action Now! 
  •  Self Test


 Lesson 4 - India Specific - Most Frequently Used Words 

  •  Time, Days, Dates 
  •  Months & Seasons 
  •  Indian Currency 
  •  Weights and Measures 
  •  Indian Languages 
  •  Indian Festivals 
  •  Self Test


 Lesson 5 - Eatables - Most Frequently Used Words 

  •  Fruits 
  •  Vegetables 
  •  Groceries 
  •  More Eatables 
  •  Indian Vegetations 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 6 - Daily Needs - Most Frequently Used Words 

  •  Nature & Directions 
  •  Household Goods 
  •  Parts of the body 
  •  In The Family 
  •  Things You Wear 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 7 - Worklife - Most Frequently Used Words 

  •  Animals, Birds, Insects 
  •  Conditions, and Colors 
  •  In Your Workplace 
  •  More Workplace Words 
  •  Miscellaneous Words 
  •  Self Test




Module - Forming Basic Hindi Sentences

Consolidate your learning from above two modules. Arrange Hindi words and phrases to create grammatical and sensible Hindi sentences.  

After completing this module, you shall be able to:

  • Recall words/ phrases used for specific purposes.
  • Put the words in proper order to form coreect sentences.
  • Check for gender or number mistakes in words used. 
  • Speak out these sentences in correct manner.
  • Make simple talk with people in Hindi.
  • Put questions to others in Hindi.


You get to learn about how to structure the different kinds of basic sentences in Hindi including interrogative (questions) sentences.

  Lesson 1 - Some Guidelines 

  •  Considerations for Sentence Making 
  •  Considerations for Declarative Sentences 
  •  Forming Declarative Sentences 
  •  Considerations for Interrogative Sentences 
  •  Forming Interrogative Sentences 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 2 - Declarative Sentences 

  •  Sentence with verb ''aa'' 
  •  Sentence with verb ''jaa'' 
  •  Sentence with verb ''khaa'' 
  •  Sentence with verb ''laa'' 
  •  Sentence with verb ''gaa'' 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 3 - Declarative Sentences(Contd.) 

  •  Sentence with an object 
  •  Sentence with a complement 
  •  Sentence with two objects 
  •  Sentence with both object & complement 
  •  Sentence with a Suffix 
  •  Self Test - Exercises and Explanations


  Lesson 4 - More Declarative Sentences 

  •  Sentence with Adjective 
  •  Sentence with Adverb 
  •  Sentence with Explanatory Word 
  •  Sentence with Conjunction Word 
  •  Sentence with Interjection Word 
  •  Self Test - Exercises and Explanations


  Lesson 5 - Interrogative Sentences 

  •  Sentence with "kyaa" 
  •  Sentence with "kyo~" 
  •  Sentence with "kab" 
  •  Sentence with "kahaa~" 
  •  Sentence with "kaise" 
  •  Self Test - Revision Exercises


  Lesson 6 - More Interrogative Sentences 

  •  Sentence with "kaun" 
  •  Sentence with "kaun saa" 
  •  Sentence with "kis" 
  •  Sentence with "kitanaa" 
  •  Sentence with "kitane" 
  •  Self Test - Revision Exercises




Module 4 - Start Speaking in Hindi

In these lessons you're going to learn how to speak Hindi in a conversation without hesitation. 

After completing this module, you will be able to talk in Hindi on following aspects of your daily routine:

  • Introducing Yourself
  • Getting What You Want
  • Getting a Better Deal - At The Hotel/Shop
  • Describing a Person
  • Making Small Talk - Weather
  • Understanding Directions and locations
  • Getting Around - The Airport/Railway Station
  • Life's Necessities
  • Your Health - The Water/Medicines
  • Romantic Hindi Phrases and Expressions


You get to learn about:

  Lesson 1- Elementary Conversation 

  •  Greetings in Hindi 
  •  Greetings Explained 
  •  Introducing Yourself 
  •  Introducing Explained 
  •  Asking for Clarification 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 2- Getting Something 

  •  Getting What You Want 
  •  Ordering Explained 
  •  Dining Out and Ordering Food 
  •  Shopping for Food 
  •  Shopping for Clothes 
  •  Asking for Help 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 3 - Getting Around 

  •  Directions & Locations 
  •  At the Airport 
  •  At The Hotel 
  •  Hiring A Taxi 
  •  Travelling In A Train 
  •  Travelling In A Bus 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 4 - Talking About 

  •  Describing a Person 
  •  Weather 
  •  Hobbies 
  •  Interests 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 5 - Life's Necessities 

  •  The Food 
  •  The Water 
  •  Illness or Injury 
  •  Problems and Complaints 
  •  Dealing with Emergencies 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 6 - More About 

  •  Expressions In Hindi 
  •  Romantic Hindi Phrases 
  •  Beginning Numbers 
  •  Advanced Numbers 
  •  Self Test




Module 5 - Hindi Grammar Essentials

In this module, you will learn the correct grammar for every situation and become skilled at forming different kinds of Hindi words and phrases.

These words include nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, postpositions, conjunctions, interjections, prefix, suffix and compounds.

You get to learn about:

  Lesson 1 -  Formation of Nouns in Hindi 

  •  Nouns from Sanskrit roots 
  •  Nouns from other than verbal roots of Sanskrit 
  •  Nouns from Hindi roots 
  •  Nouns from other than verbal roots of Hindi 
  •  Nouns from foreign sources 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 2 - Declension of Nouns 

  •  Types of Gender in Hindi 
  •  Gender Formation 
  •  Number Formation 
  •  Case Formation 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 3 - Adjectives  

  •  Basic Use 
  •  Comparisons 
  •  Adjective Suffixes in Sanskrit Words 
  •  Adjective Suffixes - Hindi Elements 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 4 - Pronouns 

  •  Pronoun Word Table & Types 
  •  Pronouns as Adjectives 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 5 - Verbs 

  •  Types of Hindi Verbs 
  •  Verbal Forms from Roots 
  •  Verbal Forms from Present Participle 
  •  Verbal Forms from Past Participle 
  •  Verbal Forms - Misc.. 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 6 - Verbs : Other Forms 

  •  Transitive and Intransitive Forms 
  •  Causatives in Hindi 
  •  Compound Verbs 
  •  Auxiliaries Used 
  •  Other Verbal Clusters 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 7 - Other Formations 

  •  Adverbs in Hindi 
  •  Conjunctions 
  •  Postpositions 
  •  Interjections 
  •  Prefixes 
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 8 - Compounds in Hindi 

  •  Compound from Nouns 
  •  Compound from Adjectives 
  •  Compound from Adverbs 
  •  Self Test



Module 6 - Fluent Hindi Conversation

Getting fluent Hindi speech will be the obvious aim after you have learnt lessons in Module I-V of this Home Study Course.  One of the best ways to improve your Hindi speech and accent is to read stories (including comics) and recite poems in Hindi. Learn what your favorite story or poem means and how to read/recite it correctly. This module makes it possible. Work through the lessons, listen, speak, and enjoy the benefits!


  Lesson 1 & 2 - Illustrated Story 

  •  Introduction 
  •  Listen to Story 
  •  Match Written Words with Speech 
  •  Practice Reading 
  •  Self Test - Answer the questions


  Lesson 3 & 4 - Short Story 

  •  Introduction 
  •  Listen to Story naration 
  •  Match Written Words with Speech 
  •  Practice  
  •  Self Test


  Lesson 5 & 6 - Poem 

  •  Introduction 
  •  Listen to Poem 
  •  Match Written Words with Speech 
  •  Recite Poem 
  •  Self Test



As you see above, each lesson has a self test so you can see yourself what you need to do to make the most of what you just learned. 

Undoubtedly, if you use all the resources in this course, you'll absolutely AMAZE yourself at how easy and fun Hindi is to learn!



Summing Up...

A full Learn-to-Speak-and-Understand Hindi course which can be downloaded to your computer,  it lets you...


  Go step by step from beginner through to advanced Hindi in a fun way. Use the Interactive Audio Course to start speaking and understanding conversational Hindi fast. Study the corresponding grammar lessons for a triple-whammy. 


Have the essential reference material that you need to quickly and easily find your way around the course module. If you need to learn grammar, study grammar guides. If you need to learn vocabulary, go through vocabulary lessons and listen to audio tracks.


Pronounce Hindi correctly with extensive interactive audio tracks that will get you speaking Hindi how it should be spoken. This course will be your personal "home tutor" that will pronounce words over and over again, until you get it right. With it, you'll also learn to understand spoken Hindi words in a snap. 


Hit your Hindi-learning muscles from all sides with over 300 interactive exercises, vocabulary-building and pronunciation-perfecting audio lessons. No matter what your learning style, you'll find something in it for you!


Designed to make learning easy and fun in a low-stress environment, this course lets you set your own pace of learning whenever and however (text, audio, quiz, games..) you want. 


This Powerful Hindi Learning Course Can be Yours in Minutes for just $99(USD)...

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