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Hindi Language Software

Hindi Language Software

Hindi language software for many different applications are now available in the marketplace. These include Hindi version of Windows XP, as well as software that facilitate typing  in Hindi using normal English alphabet keyboard , or software that translates an English word to it's Hindi equivalent.

Hindi Writing Software

Hindi is written in "Devnagari" script. For writing in Hindi language, you'll need to ..

  1. be familiar with the alphabets and digits.
  2. preferably use a Hindi Dictionary.
  3. use a Hindi writing software such as one available free at or at

Hindi Learning Software

Before You Know It
Allows you to master common Hindi words - anything for which you would use traditional paper flash cards. We encourage you to use it.

Hindi Byki Deluxe 4


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Hindi Language Software

Windows XP- Hindi Interface pack

MSOffice MUI pack for Hindi

Hindi Shusha Key- map

Hindi Translation/Transliteration

Font converters: Might be useful to some of you. : Online English-to-Hindi transliteration

Showcase Your Hindi language Software

Your Hindi language software can feature on this page if it is found suitable for our site visitors. There are no charges for it. If you're interested, please contact us.