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Website In Hindi

Website In Hindi

The popularity of websites in Hindi is increasing dramatically despite the integration problems of Hindi fonts on the Web. Some of these that may benefit you are listed here.


Hindi Teaching/Learning Sites

Mellon Foundation Project: Extensive resource of advanced level texts with notes

University of Pennsylvania: Outstanding set of learning resources

Hindi Program At Penn: Audio lessons for learning Hindi

UKIndia: Interesting materials for the beginner

Australian National University: Hindi language study courses.

Other Websites In Hindi of Interest

Web Dunia - A portal site in Hindi  language.

Bharatbhasha: FAQ at the main site for Shusha fonts

Sarai: Sarai - The New Media Initiative, Delhi India National Foundation for Hindi Computing - India site

Aksharmala Hindi page: Several useful resources, including Hindi dictionary

Ramcharitmanas site: Fairly complete text of Ramcharitamanas, the most popular version of the Ramayana.

Note: If you happen to know any Website In Hindi that may be useful to our site visitors, please let us know.