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Hindi learner guides are meant for those who want a guide/coach available continuously for weeks/months in the same manner as a teacher is available in a class room and attends to your personal learning needs.

About Our Guides

By qualification, our Hindi Learner Guides are graduates or masters from reputed Universities and Colleges.

Hindi guides are trained and certified teachers having a minimum 5 years Hindi teaching experience with English speaking students.

All guides are native Hindi speakers. This enables them to explain every nuance, even small bit of differences between different Hindi words.

How Hindi Guides Help?

Hindi learner guides/coach help you learn Hindi language in an interactive manner at your own pace over a time period of your choice.

Subscribers get quick response to their questions through IM, chat, email or any other suitable communication media on the Web every day.

Each subscriber also gets exclusive one-to-one session with his guide for 1 hour once every week at a mutually convenient date and time.

How It Differs From Tutor Services?

Hindi Tutor Services is suitable for fast track learning - you get intense learning sessions in quick succession in short time duration.

Hindi guides are suitable for those who want to learn at a relaxed pace but would still like to have a guide/coach available continuously for weeks/months at economical rates to attend to their personal learning needs.

Guide charges are less than 50% of tutor service charges.

Get Your Hindi Guide Now!

Most of our Hindi guides work from India. Check the time-zone difference from your location while choosing this service.

Guide Charges

One week trial subscription gets you an interactive learning session for 1 hour and costs only $9.95 USD.

Thereafter you pay $19.95 USD once every 2 Weeks for as long as you use this service.

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Hindi guides help you learn Hindi language online in an economical way.

These are some of advantages:

  • Costs less than 50% of a Hindi Tutor charges.
  • Learn at your own relaxed pace. Absolutely no stress.
  • Get answers to your Hindi learning questions on priority.
  • Interactive learning session for 1 hour once every week.
  • Hindi writing practice using online digital whiteboard. No software or additional expense required.

  • Intuitive/instinctive Hindi grammar learning.
  • Stay motivated by learning through real life examples related to what you study.
  • Guided by native Hindi speakers, proficient in English.
  • Consistent contact with your guide - every student will move along with the same tutor.