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Name Ceremony : Naamkaran Sanskaar

How It's Done?

An elaborate religious procedure called Naamkaran Sanskaar is followed by traditional Hindus in naming a baby child.  'Naam' literally means 'name' and 'karan' means 'to make, to effect'.

Naamkaran sanskaar is performed at home or in a temple.  The ceremony usually takes place on the tenth day after birth but can be done later also.  Friends and relatives are invited to celebrate the namkaran ceremony who decide the baby name through mutual consensus.

Ceremony includes -

Apply vermillion on child's forehead to remove bad influences.
Mekhala(Kardhani) Bandhan:
Tie a sacred thread around child's waist. It is symbolic of staying firm in his resolve.
Madhu Prashan:
Feed a spoon of honey to the child. It is meant to develop good speech in the child.
Surya Namaskaar:
The child is taken outdoor to see a rising sun. It is expected that the child will develop life giving properties of the Sun.
Bhoomi Pujan - Sparshan:
This is the first time the child is left on the ground. The Earth is considered to be equal to mother and given due respect.
Naam Ghosana:
The name of child (decided mutually among family members)  is revealed at this stage to all present in the ceremony.
Parspar Parivartan:
The mother now hands over the child to his father, who in turn hands over to the senior most person in the family. The child is then passed to each member of the family, and finally reaches back to the mother. This way, each family member gets to show love to the child.
Lok Darshan:
The child is taken outdoors in the open to get a feel of the vastness of the nature.
Bal Prabodhan:
The father of the child whispers the selected baby name in the child's right ear in a correct manner.