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Online Hindi Courses

This course teaches you Hindi in an innovative way based on how people actually talk in Hindi. On completing this course and a little practice, you will able to speak Hindi in a conversation without hesitation.

There are two distinct learning elements in these courses:

  • 1. Home Study By You - We'll provide you the study materials.
  • 2. Your Interaction with Tutor - you'll be asked to attend online classes.

Home Study By You

You get unlimited access to home study lessons online. Each lesson begins with a conversation between two people. As you follow the lesson, you’ll learn not only to understand the conversation completely, but actually to take part in it yourself.

You'll also learn some of the grammatical concepts behind the conversation, including difference between formal and informal modes of address. Thereafter you can go through the conversation practice and exercises as much as you like.

Finally take the quiz test to find out how much you have learnt and, if need be, review the lesson again.

Your Interaction with Tutor

You will be guided by a native Hindi tutor in a classroom style interactive workshop of one hour duration scheduled as under:

  • 30 Days - Complete Course :: 5 workshops.
  • 15 Days - Primary Course :: 2 workshops
  • 15 Days - Basic Course :: 3 workshops

The tutor will help you work through the lessons and explain any part of lesson(s) that you have not understood.

Course Fee

Primary Course Material + 2 Workshops :: $30 only.

Basic Course Material + 3 Workshops :: $45 only.

Complete Course Material + 5 Workshops (Best Option) :: $60 only.

Number of participants in any one workshop is limited to 6 persons only. Book your seat Now!

Limited seats - six only. Book one now!

Most of our Hindi tutors are proficient in English and work from India. Check the time-zone difference from your location while choosing this service.

Workshops are conducted through webinar series scheduled on Sundays only. So plan accordingly and register for 1st webinar of the course you want to join and then make payments for it. You will get notified of next webinar in series soon after completion of previous one. 

Complete Course

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Primary Course Only

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Basic Course Only

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Online Hindi courses help you speak Hindi confidently and fluently within a month.

These are some of advantages:

  • Guided by native Hindi speakers, proficient in English.
  • Available in 2 modules - Primary, and Basic. Adjusts easily in your schedule.
  • Completion of both modules possible within a month.
  • Class strength is limited to max 6 persons in one course.
  • Classroom style interactive workshops.

  • Get prompt answers through interactive chat/voice communication.
  • Hindi writing practice using online digital whiteboard. No software or additional expense required.
  • Classes scheduled at convenient times of day/week.
  • Learn at your own place. No commuting required.
  • Course content includes wide range of topics in different situations.