Hindi Learner Resources & Useful References

As you go through this site, you will find free and/or inexpensive learning tools to help you learn Hindi language in a fun-filled way. Get to know about how to improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing skills in the Hindi using support resources covered here.

Listen/Watch & Speak

Pick one of these resources and watch/listen carefully to programs you like. Then try to repeat the words/sentences.

  • Hindi Radio Services
  • Hindi Songs/Poems
  • Hindi Videos
  • Hindi Cinema-Film-Movie


Choose any of these and try to read aloud lessons, topics.

  • Hindi Books
  • Hindi Dictionary
  • Hindi Websites
  • Wikipedia - Hindi Section
  • Hindi Newspapers, Magazines


Hindi is written in "Dev nagari" script. For writing in Hindi language, you'll need to ..

  • Be familiar with Hindi alphabets and numbers.
  • Use a Hindi Dictionary.
  • Use a Hindi writing software
(See downloads below)


If Hindi language characters do not appear correctly when reading or writing in Hindi, you may need to download and install Hindi fonts on your computer.
For more information, see our web page on Hindi Fonts