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Acclaim For The Hindi Learner!!

Learn what some of the Hindi Learners are saying about our site.

As we are going to be relocated in India, I utilized HindiLearner Tutor services during Sep-Nov 2008 for my 9 year old daughter born and brought up in San Francisco, California (USA) to enable her to come up at par with other kids in her class at her school in India.

I am happy to say that my daughter has gained very good Hindi skills in a limited time period because of commendable work done by her Hindi tutor. The service provided by HindiLearner tutor was highly professional with honest and transparent approach to the job.

I highly recommend their services to any one willing to learn Hindi language.

Gajaria Hemali
San Francisco, California (USA)
11 Dec 2008

I am working in mumbai for a month and language has been uncomfortable when I''m the only one who speaks in English. I was looking forward to learning Hindi in tutions.This was amazing.. I never knew I could get to know hindi in a such a way which gives me a confident that I would learn it quick too.. It\'s spoon fed and really nice. Thanks for the site..

kewwllgal at

Wonderful that you are filling the huge gap on the net and providing Hindi lessons.

I am an Angrezi Gora man married to an Indian woman and trying to master Intermediate Hindi grammar and phrases so I speak properly and I know the grammar is very very complex. So please don\'t stop at beginners level like they all do....tell us why Hindi uses so many compound verbs, different suffixes conjunctions and all the rest of it and spell it all out, please.

So many all over the world will bless you..

Hindi / Urdu is the world\'s 3rd language and its neglect is a crime that needs to be addressed.

So, Shabash to you and ap log.

Paul Prakash

Hi, I am a student at Cornell University.  Since I am jumping into the second half of Hindi (102), I am trying to learn as much as I can on my own before the semester starts.  I just wanted to thank you for putting together this amazing website.  I have started using the many features (script, vocab, listening, tutorials...) and am VERY impressed with all that you are offering.  I feel that the ball is now in my court to learn as much as I can in the time I have. Thanks. 

Cornell University

Hi,  my name is Dinesh from Australia. My parents speak Hindi as well as several other Indian languages, so I am using your site to enhance my Hindi learning.
I just like to say that the learning material is excellent and please keep up the great work.

Dinesh P
Sydney, Australia

It is my wish to learn Hindi language.  I found this Hindi language learning site. I am very glad to use it and I want to say thank you very much.

Solomon Ggiorgis,

Congratulations for this great site. It's a good idea to have a recording next to the tutorials lessons, having in mind that the pronunciation of words are very different from the written one.

Simone Queiroz

This site is very nice.  I used it to learn Hindi as a beginner. It really helped me a lot .

Pragathi Kandimalla
Begumpet, Hyderabad

Just saying bahut bahut dhanyavaad for this site.  I am currently learning Hindi and I have found the resources on your site extremely helpful.  I have even referred some of my friends to it who are learning also. I don't understand all the conversations in the videos as yet, but will continue to listen while I increase my vocabulary. Dhanyavaad.

velmacoke at

Your site is very helpful.  It would also help me to see the phrases written in Hindi - to get the sounds.  My husband and I are using it to learn Hindi.  Thanks.

bayerfam1 at

I enjoyed your (video) tutorials immensely, but think they would be far more useful if you also transcribed the dialogue so one could optionally follow reading along.

lagomorfox at