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Our Aim : Helping Real People Learn Hindi Language
Hindi Language Learning

Join Us As HindiLearner Country Resident Representatives  

We are looking for suitable people who can become our Country Resident Representative (CRR) in un-represented places.

Role : To help and guide Hindi learners in their respective region.

Benefits : Build up your professional reputation, build a community of Hindi language enthusiasts, and earn by tutoring assignments.

Note : If you want to offer TUTOR services through us, please read this.

Brief profile of our existing CRRs in different regions is given below.

Asia Pacific Region - HindiLearner CRR

India (Chennai) - Dr.N.Lavanya : Working as Head of The Department of Hindi in Chennai

Singapore - Meena Newaskar : Teaching Hindi and Sanskrit to secondary level students in an Indian Internationals School is Singapore. Also teaches conversational Hindi to people of different nationalities.

Australia (NSW) - Prema Sharma : Teaches Hindi on Sundays at a recognised institution for class level is K-3 to K-6 whereby students age range from 6 years to 12.

African Region - HindiLearner CRR


American Region - HindiLearner CRR

Brazil - Simone Queiroz : Co-worker on developing tutorial lessons.

US (San Francisco) - Vanessa Hua : Radio Show Host about Asia and Asian Americans.

US (Phoenix, AZ) - Archana Lakhotia : Experienced tutor for school kids in Maths and Hindi.

US (Palmyra, PA 17078) - Vinod Kumar : Experienced instructor / translator of Hindi language and various Hindi dialects, and sophisticated understanding of the East Indian cultural, social, religious, and political environment

European Region - HindiLearner CRR

Ms Nutan Gupta, Liverpool (UK) - A native Hindi speaker and a Graduate from Lucknow University (India), now settled in UK.

Become A HindiLearner CRR

You will benefit through tutoring assignments in your local area. You keep 100% of earnings through such assignments.

You begin with creating a buzz about Hindi. You can leverage our site resources for the purpose.

For resources that are available to our subscribers only, you will need to subscribe too.

We are also willing to extend support towards researching any topic/answering queries/helping Hindi students in any possible way.

If you find it agreeable, we will put your name as Country Resident Representative on our site. That will be your immediate payback.

If you are willing to join hands, do let us know. Include information about your skill/qualifications in Hindi language, location, contact details etc.