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Conversation In Hindi

Conversation In Hindi

Conversation in Hindi tutorial is based around developing basic conversation skills in Hindi.

Topics covered include: home and family, introducing yourself, shopping for essentials, business talk, stay at hotel, travel needs, and sight-seeing.

The learning outcome of Conversation in Hindi tutorial should be that you are able to understand and respond on basic topics and be in a position to communicate in Hindi.

Contents - Conversation In Hindi Tutorial


LESSON 1 : Introducing Yourself in Hindi

LESSON 2 : Talking About Home and Family in Hindi

LESSON 3 : Conversation in Hindi While Shopping

LESSON 4 : Business Talks in Hindi

LESSON 5 : Conversation in Hindi At Hotel

LESSON 6 : Travel Related Talk in Hindi

LESSON 7 : Conversation in Hindi during Sight-seeing

LESSON 8 : Talking About School in Hindi

LESSON 9 : Talking About Birthday in Hindi

LESSON 10 : Discussing About Hobbies in Hindi

LESSON 11 : Talking About Pets in Hindi

LESSON 12 : Talking About Movies in Hindi

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