Introducing Yourself - Conversation In Hindi

Introducing Yourself - Conversation In Hindi Baatcheet

Introducing Yourself - Conversation In Hindi Tutorial -  is based around developing skills in introducing yourself in Hindi. It consists of typical questions asked to enquire about someone and response that would normally be given in English, Hindi (Roman) and Hindi (Devnagri).

Introducing Youself In Hindi

Question Response
What is your name please? 
Aap kaa shubh naam? 
आप् का शुभ नाम्?
My name is Charles Brown. 
Mera naam Charles Brown hai. 
मेरा नाम चार्लेस् ब्रौन् है.
How long you have been in this country? 
Aap is desh mein kab se hain?
आप् इस देश मे कब से है?
For the past six months.
pichhale chheh mahine se.
पिछले छः महिने से.
Where do you stay?
Aap kahaan rahate hain?
आप कहाँ रहते है?
At the moment, I am staying in a hotel.
Abhi to mai ek hotel mein rahataa hoon.
अभी तो मै एक होटेल् मे रहता हू.
OK! I shall leave now. Will meet again.
Achchha, abhi mai chalataa/chalatee hoon. Phir milenge.
अच्छा अभी मै चलता हू. फिर मिले़गे.
Sure, thank you.
Zaroor, dhanyabad.
जरूर्, धन्यवाद्.

Word-Bag : Introducing Yourself - Conversation In Hindi Tutorial

name - naam
month - maah, mahina (pl. mahine)
stay - rahanaa
again - phir
sure - avashya, zaroor
thank you - dhanyavaad, shukriya

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