Conversation In Hindi At Hotel

Conversation In Hindi At Hotel Baatcheet

Conversation In Hindi At Hotel -  helps you learn how to talk to hotel staff in Hindi. It consists of typical questions asked to inquire at hotel and response that would normally be given in English, Hindi (Roman) and Hindi (Devnagri).

Conversation In Hindi At Hotel

Question Response
I would like a double bed room.
Main ek do-bistar-wala kamara lena chahata hoon.
मै एक दो बिस्तर वाला कमरा लेना चाहता हूँ।
Sir, would you like an airconditioned room or a simple room?
Mahoday. Aap vaatanukulit kamara lenge yaa saamanya.
महोदय्। आप वातानुकूलित कमरा लेगे़ या सामान्य्।
Well, what is the tariff of the two?
Dono ka kiraya kya hai?
दोनो का किराया क्या है?
The difference is Rs. 450 (INR) only. And how many members are you?
Anter sirf 450 rupaya hai. Aur aap kitne sadasya hain?
अन्तर सिर्फ चार सौ पचास् रुपये है, और आप कितने सदस्य है?
My wife, two children aged 11 and 9, and I.
Main, meri patni aur do bachche jo 9 aur 11 saal ke hain.
मै, मेरी पत्नी और दो बच्चे जो नौ और ग्यारह् साल के है।
Sir, an airconditioned room will be suitable for you.
Mahoday, vaatanukulit kamara aapke liye upyukt rahega.
महोदय्, वातानुकूलित कमरा आप के लिये उपयुक्त रहेगा।
Yes, and what is the checkout time?
Haan, aur kamara khali karne ka samay kya hai.
हाँ, और कमरा खाली करने का समय क्या है?
It is 12 noon. Kindly fill up this form.
Dopahar 12 baje. Kripaya yeh form bhar dijiye.
दोपहर बारह् बजे। कृपया यह फार्म भर दीजिये
Here it is. I've filled it.
Yeh lijiye. Main bhar diya hai.
यह लीजिये। मैने भर दिया है।
Thank you sir. It would be nice of you to deposit some money also.
Dhanyavaad mahoday. Yadi aap kuchh rakam jama kar de to behatar hoga.
धन्यवाद महोदय्। यदि आप कुछ रकम जमा कर दे़ तो बेहतर होगा।
You plan to stay for three days?
Aap teen din rahana chahate hai?
आप तीन दिन रहना चाहते है?
Yes. Here is Rs. 5000. Will it do?
Haan. Ye rahe paanch hazar rupaye. Kya itna chalega?
हाँ । ये रहे पाचँ हजार रुपये। क्या इतना चलेगा।
Right sir. You can stay in room No. 403.
Haan, mahoday. Aap kamara number 403 mein rah sakte hai.
हाँ, महोदय्। आप कमरा नम्बर चार सौ तीन मे़ रह सकते है।
Can you arrange to send my luggage to my room?
Kya mera saman kamre tak bhej sakte hain?
क्या मेरा सामान कमरे तक भेज सकते है?
The bell boy will carry your luggage.Have a comfortable stay.
Maalvahak ladka aapka saman ley jayega. Aapka rahana aaram daayuk ho.
माल वाहक लडका आप का सामान ले जायेगा। आप का रहना आरामदायक् हो।

Word-Bag : Conversation In Hindi At Hotel

sir - mahoday
Good morning - Suprabhat
airconditioned - vaatanukulit
tariff, rent - kiraya
suitable - upyukt
checkout time - kamara khali karne ka samay
to deposit - jama karana
money - rakam, paisa, dhan
to stay - rahana
luggage - saman
comfortable - aaram daayuk

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