Interrogative and 'Used to' Hindi Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense

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This video lesson provides an intuitive way to learn how to express - interrogative and 'used to' Hindi sentences in past indefinite tense with Hindi language verbs, make a Hindi sentence and speak in Hindi language.

Hindi language is verb based. Hence, lessons in this section primarily focus towards learning how to use different forms of Hindi verbs.


Learn To Express - Interrogative and 'Used to' Hindi Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense
Follow the sentences used in the video. Replay it till you can comfortably repeat it along with the Hindi speaker. Remember, initially you may find it difficult and it does take some time to become fluent.

Points To Remember
1. Hindi word ending in या (yaa), यी (yee), यी (yee~) or ए (ay) - are used in interrogative sentences in Past Indefinite Tense.
2. Hindi word ending in ता (taa)+या (yaa), ती (tee)+यी (yee), ते (tay)+ए (ay) - are used in 'used to' sentences in Past Indefinite Tense.
3. Improve Your Hindi Vocabulary. You are likely to hear quite a few new Hindi words as you listen to the conversation in this video. Try and remember these new words. These will come handy whenever you try to speak in Hindi.

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