Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 1

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 1 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 1 sets out to teach English speakers to make an appointment with Indian foreign trade officials and businessmen in Hindi.

Telephone Conversation (Part-I) - Making An Appointment

English Hindi
Victor: Hello! Is it Indian Cultural Centre? Namaste kya yai Indian Cultural Centre hai?
Secretary   : Yes, Can I help you? Haan, kya main aapki madad kar sakta hoon?
Victor : Yes, I want to make an appointment. Haan, mein ek mulakat karna chahata hoon.
Secretary : Whom do you want to meet? Aap kis se milna  chahte hain? 
Victor : I want to meet Mr Ahuja. Main Mr Ahuja se milna chahta hoon.
Secretary: Sorry, he is not in right now. Maaf kijie, woh abhi nahi hai.
Victor : When and where can I meet him ? Mein unse kab aur kahan mil sakta hoon.
Secretary : He will come around 5 in the evening. You  can contact him here. Woh shaam 5 baje tak aaenge. Aap yahin par sampark karein.
Victor : Thank you very much, I will call him at 5 pm. Shukriya, mein shaam 5 baje baat karunga.  


Telephone  - Durbhash,
conversation - vartalap,
To speak - Baat karna,
In an hour - Ek ghante ke ander,
Again - Dubara,
Soon -Jaldi,
Understand - Samajhna,
Here - Yahan,
Back - Vaapas,
Contact- Sampark,

Try It Out.

1 Read the text several times.

2 Fill in the blanks.

  • Victor : Kya yai --------- hai?
  • Secretary : -----------------I .C . C hai.
  • Secretary : Woh abhi nahi hain . Woh -------------------.

3 Make sentences.

  • Baat ----------------------
  • Dubara ----------------------
  • Jaldi ------------------------
  • Vaapas -------------------

4 Act out the dialogue.

5 Make up sentences, using the word on the right.

  • kya yai -------------? (Sports Authority of India, Indian airlines, India Trade Centre)
  • Mein -----------milna chahta hoon. (Doctor, Nurse, Teacher)

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