Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 12

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 12 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 12 sets out to teach English speakers to negotiate terms of delivery in Hindi.

Discussing The Business Offer - Terms of delivery

English Hindi
Smith: Namaste, Mr John and Mr Anthony. I have a good news for you. Our London office has agreed on your price proposal. Smith: Namaste, Mr John aur Mr Anthony. Aapke liye ek achcha samachar hai.Hamare London ke dafter ne aapke keemato ke prastaav ko maan liya hai.
John: I am extremely pleased to hear this. Now we need to finalize the terms of delivery and mode of payment. John: Mujhe yeh sunker bahut khushi huee. Aab humein supurdagi ki sharte aur bhugataan ke tariko ko tay karne ki jarurat hai.
Smith: We will do if it suits you, when we start working on agreement. Smith: Agar suvidhaa janak hai to yeh sab anubandh taiyar karate samay karange.
John: I don't have any objection. We usually supply goods on receipt of payment. We also provide insurance and freight to goods. John: Mujhe koi aapati nahi hai. Hum aam taur par bhugtaan milane par maal bhejate hai. Hum maal ka beema aur bhada bhi karate hai.
Smith: We agree on your principle. Here I require tonnage information to place those 30,000 pieces in one ship. Smith: Hum aapke siddhant se sahmat hai. Is vakt mujhe in tees hazaar vastuo ko jahaj se bhejane ke liye bhaar ka anumaan chahiye
John: Okay you will get it. John : Theek hai. Aapko yah jaankaari mil jayegi.
Smith: In that case we don't mind delivery on such terms. Smith : Us halat me humko in sharto par mall lene me koi aapatti nahi hai.
John: What is the place and time of delivery? John : maal dene ka sthan aur vakt kyaa hai?
Smith: We want to receive goods within six months after signing the contract. Smith : Hum anubandh patra par dastkhat(hastakshar) karne ke chhah maahine ke ander maal prapt karna chahate hai.
John: Agreed. We will discuss the terms of payment tomorrow. John : Mujhe manjoor hai. Hum bhugtaan ki sharto par kal baatcheet karenge.


Extremely - Bahut,
News - Samachar,
Proposal - Prastaav,
Delivery - supurdagi,
Payment - Bhugtaan,
Mode - Tarikaa,
Finalize - Samapt Karna,
Need - Jaroorat,
Agreement - Anubandh,
Start - Shuru,
To Suit - Suvidha Janak,
Usually - Aamtaur par,
Supply - Bhejna,
Insurance - Beema,
Freight - Bhaada,
Principle - Siddhant,
Ship - Jahaj,
Place - Sthan,
Time - Vakt,
Receive - Prapt karna,
Month - Mahina,
Goods - Maal,
Signing - Hasthakshar

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • Smith, John aur Anthony ko kya achcha samachar deta hai?
  • John kis ko tay karne ki baat karta hai?
  • John maal bhejne ki kya shart batata hai?
  • Smith John se kya jaankari chahta hai?
  • Smith anubandh patra per hastakshar ke kitne mahine tak maal prapt karna chahta hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.

  • London ka dafter John Ki keemato ke----------- ko maan leta hai.
  • John Bhugtaan aur-------------- ke tariko ko -----------dene ki baat karta hai.
  • John maal ka---------- aur----------- bhi karata hai.
  • Smith anubandh par hastakshar karne ke ---------------ke ander maal-------- karna chahta hai.

3. Make sentences from these Hindi words.

  • Hastakshar
  • Maal
  • Anubandh
  • Jahaj
  • Prastav

4. Make up the similar dialogues of your own in Hindi in following situations.

  • Aap kharidar ho. Aap saari machines ek consignment me mangana chahte ho. Lekin seller do consignment bhejna chahta hai.
  • Aap kharidar ho. Aap apna maal saat mahine me chahte hai. Lekin seller ye karne me asamarth hai. Seller ki gujarish ko manne ki koshish kijie.

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