Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 14(II)

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 14 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 14(ii) deals with business enquiry & reply on telephone in Hindi.

Business Enquiry & Reply - On Telephone

English Hindi
Victor: Mr Thomson, we received your enquiry about our goods. When are you coming to India? Victor: Mr Thomson, aapke dwara hamare saaman ke baare mei ki gaee poochtaach ki jaankari hume hai. Aap India kab aa rahe hain?
Thomson: I will come to India around 20th September. I am going to apply for my visa at Indian consulate. Thomson: Mein India 20 September ke aas - paas aaunga. Mai Indian consulate mein visa ke liye aavedan karne ja raha hoon. 
Victor: According to the regulations, they will issue visa within 10 days time. Today is 12 September. I will advice you to apply for visa as soon as possible. Victor: Niyam anusar woh dus din ke ander visa pradan karte hain. Aaj 12 September hai. Mein aapko jaldi se jaldi visa ke liye aavedan karne ki salah doonga.
Thomson: That's what I am thinking. I will apply for visa within 2 days. Thomson: Mein bhi yahi soch raha tha. Mein 2 din ke under visa ke liye aavedan kar doonga.
Victor: I suggest you to make use of this Indian tour of yours. Apply for business visa in Indian consulate. It is not very expensive, but in turn it helps you book your hotel accommodation. Victor: Mere sujhav- aanusar aapko India ki yatra ka bhar-pur istemal karna chaahiye. Indian consulate mei business visa ke liye avedan karo. Yeh adhik mahnga nahi hai, balki hotel booking mei sahayak hoga.
Thomson: Thank you very much for this suggestion. I will make arrangements accordingly and inform you. See you soon. Thomson: Sujhav dene ke liye bahut-bahut shukriya. Kaary kurm banane ke baad mein aapko suchit karoonga. Jald hi milte hain.


around  - aas-paas,
to apply - aaveden karna,
according to regulations - niyamanusar,
advice - salah,
use- istemal,
expensive- mehanga,
suggestion - sujhav,
arrangement- kaary krum (also bandobast),
to inform- soochit karna

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • Thomson India kab aana chahta hai?
  • Niyamo ke aanusar visa milne mei kitne din lagte hain?
  • Victor Thomson ko kya salah deta hai?
  • Thomson ke liye business visa kis tarah se sahayak hoga?

2. Give the text in your own words.

3. Make sentences from these Hindi words.

  • Aavedan
  • Salah
  • Niyam
  • Sujhav
  • Mehanga

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