Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 18

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 18 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 18 deals with celebrating the occassion after signing a contract in Hindi.

After Signing The Contract - At The Restaurant

English Hindi
George: Good evening, Ms Stella, Good evening Mr Victor. Allow me to introduce my colleague Ms Venus and Mr Ivan. Ivan is studying in Oxford University. George: Namaskaar, Ms Stella, Namaskaar Mr Victor Mai apne saathiyo Ms Venus aur Mr Ivan se milane ki izazat chahta hoon. Ivan Oxford Vishwavidyalay mein padh raha hai.
Victor: Good evening everybody, please meet Mr Anthony, Mr Stephan, & director of our firm Mr Tony. Victor: Sabko Namaskaar, Mr Stephan, Mr Anthony, aur hamari firm ke director Mr Tony se miliye.
George: Very nice to meet you all. I invite you all in the restaurant to celebrate. We have successfully signed the contract, and everybody would like to enjoy. George: Aap sabse mil-kar bahut khushi huee. Mainey aap sabko is restaurant mein dawat ke liye bulaya hai. Hamne safalatapurvak anubandh par hastakashar kiye, aur sab log iska jashn manana chahte hain.
Head waiter: Sir, your table is laid.    Head waiter: Sir, aapki meiz taiyaar hai.
George: Let's sit down. Please take a seat Ms Venus. Anthony and Victor will sit opposite to Tony. And I would love to sit next to the Lady.  George: Chalo baithte hain. Ms Venus aap baithiye. Anthony aur Victor Tony ki doosri taraf baithenge. Aur mein lady ki bagal me baithna pasand karunga.
Ivan: We will celebrate with black caviar. Ivan: Hum kala caviar ke saath jashn manayenge.
Venus: And also with red caviar. Venus: Aur laal caviar ke saath bhi.
George: I am at your service. Now tell me what you will like to have with vodka and caviar. It is not yet decided. George: Mein aapki seva me haazir hoon. Aab mujhe batae aap vodka aur caviar ke saath kya lena pasand karoge. Yeh abhi tak tay nahi hua hai.
Ivan: We love to have pickled mushrooms, salmon and sturgeon with vodka.  Ivan: Hum vodka ke saath pickled mushrooms, salmon aur stugeon lena pasand karenge.
George: What will you like to have Ms Stella. George: Ms Stella aap kya lena pasand karengi.
Stella: For a change I would like to try semi sweet wine or Georgian dry wine. Stella: Badlav ke liye mein thori sweet wine ya Georgian dry wine lena chahungi.
George: Waiter, Please take the order. George: Waiter, kripya hamara order le lijiye.
Head Waiter: Thank you, sir I'll just bring your order. Head Waiter: Dhanyabad, Mahoday. Mai aapke liye abhi lata hoon.
Ivan: I want to propose a  toast, We all will work hard on this contract and set an example. Ivan: Mein toast propose karna chahta hoon, Hum sab anubandh par mehnat se kaam karte hua ek udaharan prastut karenge.
George: We all will show our co-operation and make sure that we all work with best of our ability. George: Hum sab aapsi sahyog dikhate hua apni poori kshamta se kaam karenge.
Venus: I can sense victory right now. Venus: Mein abhi se jeet mahsoos kar rahi hoon.
Waiter: Sir, please order dinner. Waiter: Sir, Kripaya khana ke liye bata dijiye.
Ivan: Bring one meat dish, one fish dish, roast turkey, vegetables, and green vegetable salad. Ivan: Hum ek meat dish. ek fish dish, roast turkey, vegetables aur green vegetable salad lenge.
George: And ice cream and fruit cream also. George: Aur ice cream aur fruit cream bhi.
Venus: It is really a good choice. I love to eat spicy food. Venus: Yeh vakai achchi pasand hai. Mujhe masaledaar khana behad pasand hai.
George: I too love to eat spicy food with charming ladies. George: Mein bhi khubsoorat aurato ke saath masaledar khana pasand karta hoon.
Venus: Thank you for compliments. Venus: Taarif ke liye dhanyvad.
Victor: Let's enjoy wine. Victor: Chalo wine ka mazaa lete hain.
Waiter: Sir, dinner table is ready. Waiter: Mahodaya , khanne ki meiz taiyaar hai.
Ivan: Please come and have dinner. Ivan: Kripaya aap sab khane ke liye chaliye.
Victor: Food is excellent. Victor: Khana bahut achcha hai.
Venus: I really enjoyed the dinner. Venus: Mujhe khane mein bahut anand aaya.
Ivan: Thanks every body for lovely evening. I hope you all enjoyed. We will meet again soon. Ivan: Sabko is khubsoorat shaam ke liye dhanyavad. Mein aasha karta hoon sabko achcha laga hoga. Hum jald hi dubara milenge.


Good evening - namaskaar (can be used whenever you meet somebody),
allow - izaazat,
to meet - milna,
celebrate -  jashn, (or, dawat),
successfully - safalatapurvak,
table - mej,
sit - baithiye,
black - kala,
red - laal,
service - seva,
to decide - tay karna,
to take - lena,
like - pasand,
change - budlav,
thank you - dhanyabad,
sir - mahoday,
just - abhi,
compliments - taarif,
ability- kshamta,
spicy- masaledar,
choice- pasand

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • George ke saathiyo ka naam kya hai?
  • Victor ke saath kaun log hain?
  • Ms Stella kya lena chahati hai?
  • Waiter ne order lene ke baad kya kaha?
  • Ivan ne khane mei kya-kya mangaaya?

2. Make sentences from these Hindi words.

  • miliye
  • hamara
  • jashn
  • baithiye
  • lijiye
  • Namaskaar

3. Jashn ke baare mei paanch panktiya likhiye (Write five lines about celebration in the restaurant).

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