Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 6

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 6 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 6 sets out to teach English speakers to talk about your office/work-place in Hindi.

Representative Office Of A British Bank In India

English Hindi
(Talking about my office) (Apne daftar ke baare mein baat-cheet)
My office (Bank of London) is our representative office in India. Mera dafter India mein Bank of London kaa pratinithitva daftar hai .
I work as an assistant representative in office.   Mein dafter mei sahayak pratinidhi ke pud par kaam karta hoon.
Our office is on the second floor in Hotel (Apsara). It has three rooms. Hamara daftar hotel Apsara ki doosri manzil par hai. Isme teen kamre hain.
Nina Albert is working with us as secretary. Nina Albert hamare saath secretary ke pud par kaam kar rahi hai.
Her work involves typing. taking phone calls and arranging appointments. Uska kaam type karanaa, phone par baat karanaa aur mulaqaat taya karanaa hai.
She often talks to Indian Bank of Foreign Trade, Indian State Bank, and State Committee of India for Foreign Economic Relations. Woh aksar Indian Bank of Foreign Trade, Indian State Bank, aur State committee of India for Foreign Economic Relations se baat karti hai.
When we are free, Nina Happily makes coffee for all of us. Jab hum sab -khali hote hai to Nina khushi khushi sabkay liye coffee banati hai.
She is very polite and considerate. Woh bahut hi vinamra aur soojh-boojh wali hai.
We all are enjoying working in India. Hum sabhi India mein khushi se kaam kar rahe hai.


After-Baad mein,

Hindi counting :
1- One-Ek
2- Two-Do

Try It Out.

1. Answer the questions on the text.

  • Bank of London ka dafter kahan hai?
  • Victor Smith kis pad par kaam karte hain?
  • Bank of London ki secretary ka kya naam hai?
  • Nina aksar kis-kis se baat karti hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.

  • Victor Smith assistant representative ke----------karta hai?
  • Dafter hotel ki ------------------------- par hai?
  • Nina Albert daftar mein---------------------------------kaam karti hai?
  • Daftar mein -------------------- kamre hain?

3. Make appropriate substitutions.  

  • Mein New Delhi mein kaam karta hoon. ( London, Paris, Tokyo, , Sydney, Seol )
  • Nina phone par aksar Russians se baat karti hai. ( Indians, Japanese, Americans )

4.Read the text above and retell it in your own words.

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