Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 8

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 8 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 8 sets out to teach English speakers to talk during business meet in Hindi.

First Business Meeting - Preliminary Talk

English Hindi
Mr C John, Assistant Director and Mr K Anthony, Senior Engineer of firm ( XYZ ) come to Bank of London to do the preliminary talk. Sri C John, sah-nirdeshak aur Sri K Anthony, varisth abhiyanta (XYZ co. se) London bank me shuruaatee baat-cheet karne aate hain.
Smith: Let me introduce, she is my secretary Stone. Smith: Mujhe parichay karaane dijiye - yeh meri sachiv Stone hai.
Stone: Glad to see you. Stone: Aap se mil kar khusi hui.
John: I am glad too. He is Mr K Anthony, my colleague. We can speak  Hindi, so we will talk in Hindi. John: Mujhe bhi khusi hui. Yeh mere sah-kartaa Sri K Anthony hai. Hum Hindi me bol sakte hai, is liye hum sab Hindi me baat karenge.
Smith: What would you like to have tea or coffee? Smith: Aap kya lena pasand karenge? - chai yaa kaafee.
John: I don't mind coffee. John: Kaafee mere liye theek hai.
Stone: Excuse me, will you take coffee with milk or black coffee. Stone: Maaf kijiye, aap kaafee doodh ke saath lenge athvaa bina doodh ke.
John: I will take coffee with milk and Anthony will take black coffee. John: Main kaafee doodh ke sath loongaa aur Anthony bina doodh ke.
Smith: How much sugar? Smith: Kitnaa cheenee?
John: Only one spoon. John: Sirf, ek chammach.
Nina lays the table and serves the coffee.   Nina mej lagaati hai aur kaafee pesh karti hai.
Smith: Nina, are you enjoying your work?  Smith: Nina, kya tumhe kaam mein mazaa aa rahaa hai.
Nina: Yes, now back to business. There is no milk in office. Nina: Jee Haan! Ab kuchh kaam kee baat karen. Daftar mein doodh nahi hai.
Smith: What nuisance. Now I have to send driver to bring milk. Next time I will myself bring milk on the way to my office. Smith: Kya musibat hai. Ab mujhe driver ko doodh lene bhejnaa padegaa. Agli baar daftar aate waqt mai khud doodh lekar aa ungaa.
John: We want all the catalogue with price list. John: Hum pooraa catalog kimat ke saath chahate hain.
Stone: I am pleased to give you all. Stone: Aapko yeh sab dete hue mujhe khusi hogi.


Assistant Director - Sah Nirdeshak,
Senior Engineer - Varishth Abhiyanta,
preliminary talk - shuruaatii baat-cheet,
introduce - parichay karaanaa,
Glad - khusi,
colleague - sah kartaa,
tea - chai,
coffee - Kaafee,
milk - doodh,
sugar - cheenee,
spoon - chammach,
table - mej,
office - Daftar,
nuisance - musibat,
myself - mein khud,
all - pooraa

Try It Out.

1. Complete these sentences.

  • Sah nirdeshak aur Varishth abiyanta shuruaati--------
  • Hum Hindi mein bol sakte hai isliye----------
  • Nina mej lagati hai aur --------

2. Make sentences.

  • Kya musibat hai
  • Maaf kijie
  • Mazza

3. Fill in the blanks.

  • Mujhe------------- karane dijiye.
  • Aapse milkar ----------huai.
  • Aap kya lena----------- karenge.
  • kya tumhe ------------- aa raha hai?
  • Aapko catalogue dete hue mujhe ---------- ho rahi hai.

4. Make up similar dialogues of your own.

5. Extend the dialogue with the following expressions.

Mere ghar mein aapka swagat hai, Aap kya lena pasand karenge. Cold drink yaa coffee.

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