Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 9

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 9 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 9 sets out to teach English speakers to talk about business offers in Hindi.

Business Talk Offer

(After Introduction, Talk Continues)
English Hindi
John: Good day gentleman, everything is all right. John: Shubh din Mahashay, sab kuchh theek hai.
Smith: Good day, I am comfortable what will you like to have - Tea or Coffee? Smith: Shubh din, mein aaram se hoon. Aap kya lena pasand karenge - chai ya kaaffee?
John: I am feeling uncomfortable, so coffee will be fine. I will have coffee with milk. John:Mein kuchh bechaini mahsoos kar raha hoo, isliye kaafee theek rahegi. Mein doodh ke saath kaafee loonga.
Stone: And now let's get down to business. From time to time you suggested about products. We also received a telex from England to find out various detail about products. We often get surprised how you people work in that type of winter, when you can't see anything because of fog.   Stone: Aur aab kaam ki baat karte hai. Aapne samay samay par product ke baare mein bataya hai. Hume London se bhi telex mila hai product ke baare mei adhik se adhik jaankari lene ke liye. Hume aksar hairani hoti hai ki aap log aisi sardi mei kis tarah se kaam karte hai jab ki kohre ke karan kuch bhi teekh se dekhai nahi deta.
John: We are habitual, we even love it, and enjoy winter food. John: Hume iski aadat ho gai hai, Hum toh ise pasand karte hai, aur sardiyo ka khana khane mein bahut mazza aata hai.
Smith: And I really don't like winter very much, but I do enjoy winter food. Smith: Aur mujhe sardiyan bilkul pasand nahi, lekin sardiyo ka khana khane mei bahut mazza aata hai.
Stone: In town people usually want to experiment with latest technology and keep moving. Stone: Shehar mein log aadhunik taknik ka prayog karte hue aage badhte rahte hain.
John: Now we understand  and will offer you  best possible deal. John: Aab mein samajh gaya aur aapko sabse achchhaa deal  offer karunga.
Smith: Next time we will continue our talk (negotiation). Smith: Aagli baar hum apni baatcheet jaari rakhenge.
John: Thank  you very much. Good Bye. John: Bahut bahut shukriya. Alvida.


Everything - Sab kuchh,
Feel - Mahsoos karna,
Journey -Yaatra,
Offer - peshkus,
Uncomfortable - Bechain,
Suggestion - Sujhav or Salaah,
Detail - Jaankari,
Surprise - Hairani,
Fog - Kohra,
Winter - Sardi or seetkaal,
Food - Khaanaa,
Latest - Adhunik,
Technology - Takniki,
Experiment - Prayog,
Understand - Samajhna,
Best - Sabse achchhaa,
Next - Agla

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • Stone kis telex ki baat kar rahi thi?
  • Smith ko sardiya kyo pasand nahi thi?
  • Kaun baichaini mahsoos kar raha tha?
  • Stone kis tarah ki sardiyo ke baare mei baat kar rahi thi?
  • Kaun kaun sardiyo ke kane kha mazaa lete hai?
  • Shehar ke log kis tarah ki takniki ka prayog karna chahte hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.

  • Aap ------- lena pasand karenge?
  • John kuch baichini ----------- kar raha tha.
  • London se telex mei ------------------ maangi hai.
  • Sardiyo mei ------------- ke karan kuch bhi --------- nahi deta.
  • Sardiyo ka khana bahut ------------- hota hai.

3. Make sentences.

  • Mahsoos
  • Yaatra
  • Baichaini
  • Aadhunik
  • Takniki

4. Make up your own dialogues based on units 8 and unit 9.

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