Hindi Sentence Making - Who Is The Owner?

Hindi Sentence Making Vaakya Rachana

This lesson tells you how to ask about ownership of a place/object in Hindi; and what will be a typical response to it.

How to say 'Who is the owner of this place?'
English Hindi
who kaun
to be
owner maalik, swami
jagah, sthan
Who is the owner of this place?
Is jagah kaa maalik kaun hai?
Is sthan kaa swami kaun hai?

How to say 'Mr. XYZ is the owner of this place but he is not present here.'
English Hindi
but kintu, parantu
he, she vah
present maujood, upsthit
here yehaan
Mr. XYZ is the owner of this place but he is not present here.
Is jagah ka maalik XYZ hai parantu voh yehaan maujood nahi hai.
Is sthan ka swami XYZ hai kintu voh yehaan upsthit nahi hai.


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