Hindi Alphabet - Hindi Varnamala

Hindi Alphabet just as the English alphabet, has vowels and consonants. Here you can familiarize yourself with the Hindi alphabet - Hindi Varnamala.

Hindi is normally spoken using a combination of sounds - vowels,consonants, nasalisation and aspiration. These sounds are represented in the Devanagari script by 52 symbols: for 10 vowels, 2 modifiers and 40 consonants. You will also need to recognize characters that represent vowel but are in less use, and four common conjunct consonants.

Once you have learnt the basic characters you will then be easily able to learn the Matra symbols for the vowels and the conjunct characters.

Vowels in Hindi

Listen - Hindi Vowels

Hindi alphabet have ten vowels and two modifiers which are given below. The symbols shown below the alphabets are known as "matra" symbols. Matra symbols are used when consonants and vowels are to be written together.

Hindi Vowels

Vowels Not In Common Use

Hindi Vowels

Video Lesson on Vowels

Video below shows Hindi vowels - How it is spoken, and how they relate with vowels in English.


Hindi Alphabet - Hindi Varnamala (.pdf): Click here.

Writing in Hindi

Hindi is written in a script called Devanagari. To practice writing Hindi alphabet, use the English keystrokes noted below the Hindi letter. You'll need your regular English keyboard and a Hindi writing software (can be downloaded free from Web

Consonants in Hindi Alphabets

Listen - Hindi Consonants

Hindi Alphabets

Dot+Consonants (Extensions)

Hindi Consonants

Special Symbols

The following symbols are pronounced using nasal in conjunction with other consonants.

Hindi Symbols

Video Lesson on Consonants

The video shows how consonants in Hindi are pronounced, and how these can be divided into separate groups for ease of understanding.

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