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Talking About School in Hindi helps you learn how to talk to a child about his/her school in Hindi. It consists of typical questions asked to enquire about someone and response that would normally be given in English, Hindi (Roman) and Hindi (Devnagri).

Talking About School In Hindi Baatcheet About School


Question Response
Do you go to school?
Kya aap school jaate ho?
क्या आप स्कूल जाते हो?
Yes, I do.
Haan, mai~ jaataa/jaatee hoon.
हाँ, मैं स्कूल जाता हू।
What's the name of your school?
Aapke vidyalay/pathshala kaa naam kya hai?
आप के विद्यालय का नाम क्या है?
XYZ school.
XYZ school 
षयश स्कूल्
Where is your school located?
Aap kii pathshala/vidyalay kahaan par hai?
आप् की पाठशाला कहाँ पर है?
It's on Campbell road
in -X-city of -Z- state.
Yah -Z-state ke -X-city mein
campbell road par hai.
यह् ---राज्य के --- शहर में
कैम्प् बेल् रोड् पर है।
Do you commute daily to
school from your home?
Kya aap roz ghar se
school jaate ho?
क्या आप रोज् घर से
स्कूल जाते हो?
Yes, I commute daily
in school bus.
Haan, mai roz school bus
ke jariye jaataa hoon.
हाँ, मै रोज् स्कूल बस
के ज़रिए जाता हूँ।
How far is your school from your home?
Ghar se school kitnee duur hai?
घर से स्कूल कितनी दूर है?
It's about 6 kms.
Yeh lagbhag cheh kilometer hai.
यह लगभग छः किलोमीटर है।
Which class you are studying in now?
Aap kis kaksha mein padhate ho?
आप किस कक्षा में पढ़ते हो?
I'm studying in 5th standard.
Mai paanchavi kaksha mein padhataa/padhatee hoon.
मै पाँचवी कक्षा में पढ़ता/पढ़ती हूँ।

Word-Bag : Talking About School In Hindi

Word Hindi हिन्दी
school school, paathshala, vidyaalay स्कूल, पाठशाला, विद्यालय
roz, pratidin रोज़, प्रतिदिन
far, distance duur, duuri दूर, दूरी
house ghar घर
to study padhana पढ़ना
about lagbhag लगभग
class, standard kaksha कक्षा
fifth paanchavi पाँचवी


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