Hindi Fonts

Hindi Fonts

Some of the pages on this website use Hindi fonts to display Hindi alphabets and transliteration.

It should display on most devices without problems. However, there are so many varieties of computers and browsers that it is uncertain that Hindi fonts will display on all of them properly. Even Unicode fonts too have numerous problems.

Download & Install - Hindi Fonts

If Hindi characters do not display properly on your screen, you should download Hindi font set. Install these in the same folder of Operating System which contain other fonts.

Some web-links from where you can download Hindi fonts are:


Generally, you should have no problems in viewing Hindi text correctly. But some of the browsers require support for Hindi text layout, otherwise it might display it incorrectly. For detailed explanation, read this Wikipedia article.


We welcome feedback about problems with Hindi fonts display on our web pages OR ways to overcome such problems.

Hindi Fonts On Different Browsers


You can download and install the True Type Hindi Fonts for windows and view the pages that way. Download fonts from URLs above.


Downloadable Hindi fonts do not seem to display on Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer. But, you can download and install Mac version of the font and then view the files. Also it seems that there may be a conflict between Downloadable fonts and Mac OS. Internet Explorer on the Mac does not support self downloading fonts.


There is a Unix version of the Hindi fonts available. So if the dynamic font does not work in Unix, then download the Unix font.


In theory Unicode will replace the kind of font implementation used in these pages. However, at times, it may not be satisfactory.

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