Hindi Words For Nature

English > Office Words in Hindi equivalents of common Hindi words for nature are given here for your use.

Word Hindi हिन्दी
Nature prakriti प्रकृति
sun suraj सूरज
moon chand चाँद
sky aasman आसमान
star, stars taaraa, taare तारा, तारे
rain baris, varsha बारीस, वर्षा
water pani, jal पानी, जल
river nadi नदी
cloud badal बादल
lighting bijali बिजली
rainbow indra dhanush इन्द्र धनुष
wind hawa, vayu हवा, वायु
stone patthar पत्थर
path rasta, path रास्ता, पथ
sand ret रेत
village gaon गाँव
mud keechar कीचड्
dust mitti, dhool मिट्टी, धूल
gold sona सोना
mortar mortar मोर्तार
cement cement सीमेण्ट
masala masala मसाला
hammer hathora हथौडा


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