Hindi Relationship Words

English > Hindi Relationship Words equivalents of most common Hindi words for relations are given here for your use.

Word Hindi हिन्दी
Family Parivaar परिवार्
Relatives Ristedaar रिश्तेदार्
father pita, baap पिता, बाप्
mother mata, maa माता, माँ
grand father dada दादा
grand mother dadi दादी
maternal grand father nana नाना
maternal grand mother nani नानी
husband pati, shouhar पति
wife patni, biwi पत्नि
son beta बेटा
daughter beti बेटी
brother bhai भाई
sister bahen बहन


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Hindi Words for Some More Family Relations


Word Hindi हिन्दी
name naam नाम
man aadmi आदमी
woman aurat औरत
child bachcha बच्चा
father pita, baap पिता, बाप
mother maa माॅ
older brother bara bhai बड़ा भाई
younger brother chota bhai छोटाभाई
older sister bari bahen बड़ी बहन
younger sister choti bahen छोटीबहन
son beta बेटा
daughter beti बेटी
husband pati, shouhar पति
wife patni, biwi पत्नि
boy ladka लड़का
girl  ladki लडकी

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