Hindi Sentence Making - Suggest Something

Hindi Sentence Making Vaakya Rachana - This lesson tells you how to suggest something in Hindi.

How to say 'Let us go home.'


English Hindi हिन्दी
us hum हम
let go
to go
chalte hain
चलते हैं
home ghar घर
Let us go home.
Hum ghar chalte hain
or simply, ghar chalte hain
हम घर चलते हैं
घर चलते हैं

How to say 'Let us (come) in.'


Word Hindi हिन्दी
let come aane dijiye आने दीजिए
to come aanaa आना
in ander अंदर
Let us come in.
or, Let us in.
Hame~ under aane dijiye
or simply, under aane dijiye
हमें अंदर आने दीजिए
अंदर आने दीजिए


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