Hindi Words For Fruits, Vegetables

English > Hindi Words for Fruits, Vegetables equivalents of most common Hindi words for fruits & vegetables are given here for your use.


Word Hindi हिन्दी
fruit phal फल
apple sev सेव्
banana kela केला
grapes angoor अंगूर्
guava amrud अमरूद्
mango aam आम
musk mellon kharbuza खरबुजा
papaya papita पपीता
pomegranate anar अनार्
water melon tarbuza तरबुजा
vegetable sabzi सब्जी
cauliflower phul gobhi फुलगोभी
cabbage band gobhi बन्दगोभी
carrot gajar गाजर्
cucumber kheera खीरा
eggplant baigan बैगन
lemon nibu नीबु
onion piaz प्याज
peas mutter मटर्
potato aloo आलू
pumpkin kaddu कद्दु
raddish mooli मूली
tomato tamatar टमाटर


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