Hindi Words For Trees, Plants, Vegetation & Groceries

English > Hindi Words For Trees, Plants equivalents of most common Hindi words for trees, plants, vegetation & groceries are given here for your use.


Word Hindi हिन्दी
tree ped, darakht पेड्, दरख्त
leaf patta पत्ता
root jarh जड्
thorn kaanta कान्टा
flower phool फूल
wheat gehu गेहू
barley jau, bajra जौ, बाजरा
rice chawal चावल
groundnut mung phali मू्गफली
chili mirch मिर्च
turmeric haldi हल्दी
garlic lehsan लेहसन
butter makkhan मक्खन्
cashewnut kaju काजु
coconut nariyal नरियल्
corns makka मक्का
curd dahi दही
egg anda अंडा
flour aata आटा
milk doodh दूध्
oil tel तेल्
pickle aachar अचार्
salt namak नमक्
sugar chini चीनी


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