Hindi Words For Condition

English > Hindi Words For Condition equivalents of of most common Hindi words for condition are given here for your use.


Word Hindi हिन्दी
old purana पुराना
new naya नया
good achcha अच्छा
bad bura, kharab बुरा, खराब
wet bhiga, gilaa भीगा, गीला
dry khushk, sukhaa खुष्क, सूखा
long lamba लम्बा
short chhota छोटा
hot garam गरम
cold thanda ठंडा
near karib, pass करीब
far door दूर
big bada बड़ा
small chota छोटा
heavy bhari भारी
light halka हल्का
above upar ऊपर
below niche नीचे


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