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English > Hindi Week Days, Time Words equivalents of most common Hindi words for days & time are given here for your use.

Time in Hindi Words


Word Hindi हिन्दी
day din दिन
night raat रात
morning subah सुबह
noon dopaher दोपहर
evening sham शाम
yesterday beeta hua kal बीता हुआ कल
today aaj आज
tomorrow aanewala kal आनेवाला कल
week saptah, hafta सप्ताह, हफ्ता
month mah, mahina माह, महीना
year varsh, saal वर्ष, साल
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Days in Hindi Words


Word Hindi हिन्दी
Sunday Ravivar रविवार
Monday Somvar सोमवार
Tuesday Mangalvar मंगलवार
Wednesday Budhvar बुधवार
Thursday Guruvar गुरुवार
Friday Shukravar शुक्रवार
Saturday Shanivar शनिवार

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