Hindi Basic Course

Hindi Basic Course

Plenty of Hindi learning lessons listed in the suggested order of study. Get started with one that suits your needs; and you will begin learning Hindi language right away.

Begin with Basics

These are basic lessons which you must try and understand as well as possible. Become familiar with Hindi alphabets & numbers system, Hindi pronunciation, common problems, and basic Hindi grammar.

Progress with Hindi Vocabulary

Start learning by building up your Hindi vocabulary - common words, phrases, and quotes. These lessons are necessary for the purpose of learning how to form Hindi sentences.

Move Ahead

Before attempting these lessons, it is suggested that you go through those listed under Basic Hindi lessons and lessons on common Hindi Words & Phrases.


1. Use landscape mode on small screen devices (like phones) to view lesson pages that contain video/photo embeds.

2. Most of lesson pages contain Hindi text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks or boxes, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Hindi text. See our page on Hindi Fonts in case of problem with Hindi text display.

Hindi Alphabet Gallery

Click on a picture to get actual image.

Vowels in Hindi
Hindi Vowels
Vowels not in common use
Hindi Vowels-2
Consonants in Hindi
Hindi Consonants
Dot+Consonants in Hindi
Hindi Consonants-2

Special symbols in Hindi
Hindi Number System
Hindi Number System
Ordinal Numbers in Hindi
Ordinal Numbers in Hindi
Hindi Number Words
Hindi Number Words

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