Hindi Growth Course

Hindi Growth Course

Hindi growth course enables you to substantially improve your Hindi speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Lesson modules include -

Hindi Language Jump-start

Like to learn, understand and speak in Hindi straight way? These lessons provide an intuitive way to learn Hindi sentence making and improve your Hindi vocabulary.

Hindi language is verb based. Hence, lessons in this section primarily focus towards learning how to use different forms of Hindi verbs in forming sentences.

Business Conversation in Hindi

Lessons for business conversation helps English speakers to talk business with Indian foreign trade officials and businessmen in Hindi.

Lessons are made up of examples of the kind of business discussion that might well arise in practice. The use of dialogues accentuates this even more.

Hindi Reading Simplified

These Hindi reading and comprehension lessons in form of short stories, poems and illustrations are carefully selected from Hindi language textbooks for your easy learning.

You get to listen to audio recording of these Hindi lessons. You'll find it fun and easy to identify Hindi words in printed text. Then read this text yourself till you can do it satisfactorily.

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Hindi Words

Build Your Hindi Vocabulary

Includes over 1000 - most frequently used words & phrases as audio clips that anyone can easily use to learn these Hindi words & phrases.

Audio clips distributed as .zip files. You'll need to unzip it before use.

Speed-Learn Hindi

9 Steps To Speed-Learn Hindi

A video course of concise Hindi grammar lessons to help you build your Hindi language knowledge on a solid foundation.

It is structured in such a way that you learn Hindi step by step from the basics to more complicated topics.


Make use of entitled Hindi tutor support, whenever you need it.

You are entitled to use lessons included in Basic/Starter courses.

Most of lesson pages contain Hindi text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks or boxes, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Hindi text. See our page on Hindi Fonts in case of problem with Hindi text display.