Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business consists of eighteen units, arranged by subject to enable the learner to leave out any unit that is not relevant to his needs.

The body of the text is made up of examples of the kind of business discussion that might well arise in practice. The use of dialogues accentuates this, since you will be able to lift out phrases bodily. Each dialogue is followed by a vocabulary which gives the meaning of words in context, and exercises to drive home commercial phraseology of Hindi speakers.

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business-  is not for absolute beginners. Other tutorials here should first have been attempted. You must judge for yourself at what point you're able to begin.

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

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Units : Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business : Revision Questions With Key

These units end with revision questions (with a key/hint) to mobilize the knowledge the learner has acquired and to increase his skill and flexibility.

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