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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 10. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 10. Discussing The Offer

John: Good day gentleman. John: Shubh din Mahashay.
Smith: Good day. What will you like to have - Tea or Coffee? Smith: Shubh din. Aap kya lena pasand karenge - chai ya kaaffee?
John: I will have tea please. I have brought a model. Please have a look. Prices and technical specifications are written below. John: Mein chai loonga. Mein apne saath ek model lekar aaya hoon. Kripayaa dekhiye. Keemat aur takniki jaankariyan neeche likhi hain.
Smith: Fine, is that a latest model? Smith: Bahut achcha. Kya yeh navintam model hai?
John: Yes, of course. This is latest model. John: Haan, Bilkul. Yeh sabse naya model hai.
Stone: I don't have to remind you to grab an opportunity like a good businessman. Stone: Mujhe yaad dilane ki jaroorat nahi ki ek aachche vyavsayi ki tarah mauke ko haath se mat jaane do.
(everybody laughs.) (sab hastey hain.)
John: I always thought English people have good sense of humour, and I am not wrong. John: Mein hamesha sochta tha ki Angrez log hansi-mazaak ke shaukeen hote hain, aur mein galat nahi hoon.
Smith: It seems to me a good model. Smith: Mujhe lagta hai ki yeh ek achchha model hai.
Stone: You are right, but I think the prices are very high. Stone: Aap theek kahte ho, lekin keemat bahut jyadaa hai.
John: Right now we are quoting the preliminary prices. It all depends on the size of the order. John: Abhi hum shuruati keemat bata rahe hain. Yah akhir mein order kay size par nirbhar hogaa.
Smith: well, I will speak to my firm in London and get back to you in two days. Smith: Teekh hai. Mai apnay London kay firm say baat karataa hoon aur dow din baad aapsay fir baat karoongaa.
John: See you, good bye. John: Phir milte hain, Alvida.

Word Bag.

To Bring - Laana, Specification - Jaankari, vishesataa, Have a look - Dekhiye, Below - Neeche, Technical specification - Takniki jaankari, Price - Keemat, Latest - Sabse nayaa or Navintam, Buisnessman - Vyavsayi, Grab - jhapat lena or haath se na jane denaa, To Laugh - Hasana, To think - Sochna, Preliminary - Shuruati, To Depend - Nirbhar hona

Try It Out.

1. 1 Read the text several times and answer the following questions.
a. John aur Smith ki mulaquat kis liye thi?
b. John English logo ke baare mein kya sochta hai?
c. Smith kis se baat karke order final karna chahta hai?
d. Keemate kis baat par nirbhar karti hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.
a. Model ki keemate aur ---------------------- neeche likhi hai.
b. Yeh -------------------- model hai.
c. Stone mauke ko --------- ---- nahi jaane dena chahti.
d. Smith ko model----------- lagta hai.
e. John -------------- keemate batata hai.

3. Make sentences from these Hindi words.
a. Jaankaari
b. Keemat
c. Navintam
d. Hasana
e. Mauka

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