Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 11

Hindi Language Lessons For Business - Unit 11 Vyaapaar Bhashha Gyaan

Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  Unit 11 sets out to teach English speakers to negotiate offer price in Hindi.

Discussing The Business Offer - Price Negotiation

English Hindi
After two days, Smith again meets John and Anthony in office. Do din ke baad Smith dubara dafter mei John aur Anthony se milta hai.
Smith: I spoke to our firm in London and they are also excited about it. As we are your trial customer, I hope, you shall be able to give us some good discount. Smith: Maine London mei apni firm se baat ki aur woh isko lekar kaafi utsaahit hain. Kyoki hum aapke parakh grahak hain, mein aasha karta hoon ki aap hamen kuch achchhi riyayat denge.
John: We are pleased to offer you 5% discount. John: Humey aapko paanch pratishat riyayat dekar khushi hogi.
Smith: Not good enough. What we want right now is about 30,000 pieces . This product is in a demand, and if we can offer it at a reasonable price we will be able to increase our customers and so the size of our order. Smith: Itanaa kaafee nahi hai. Abhi hum tees hazaar sankhyaa chahte hain. Yeh samaan abhi maang mein hai, aur yadi hum sahi keemat par de sake to hum grahak badhaa sakenge aur order ka size bhi.
John: Well! We can settle on 7% discount. John: Theek hai. Hum apko saat pratishat riyayat de denge.
Smith: I can not take decision right now. Once again I have to ask my London office. After that we will continue our talks. Smith: Abhi mein koi faisla nahi le sakta. Mujhe phir se London office baat karni hogi. Uske baad hum apni baat cheet jaari rakhenge.
John: I don't have any objection. I will wait for your reply. John: Mujhe koi aapatti nahi hai. Mein aapke jabab ka intezar karoonga.
Smith: That's very nice of you. Smith: Yeh aapkaa badappan hai.
John: See you then, Good bye. John: Phir milte hain, Alvida.


Price - Keemat,
After - Baad,
Again - Dubaara,
Trial - Parakh,
Customer - Grahak,
Discount - Riyayat,
Want - Chahna,
Right now - Abhi,
Purchase - Kharidna,
Increase - Badhana,
Objection - Aapatti,
Decision - Faisla,nirnay
Wait - Intezar,
Reply - Jabab,
Good bye - Alvida,
Percentage - Pratishat,
Promise - Waada

Try It Out.

1. Read the text and answer the questions below.

  • Smith, John aur Anthony kitne din baad milte hain?
  • Smith John se kya kah kar riyayat mangta hai?
  • John kitne pratishat riyayat ka prastav rakhta hai aur Smith kya jabab deta hai?
  • Smith grahako ko badhane ki kya tarkeeb batata hai?
  • Smith kis se baat karne ke baad nirnaye lene ko kahta hai?

2. Fill in the blanks.

  • Smith aur John do din baad------------- mein milte hain.
  • Smith riyayat adhik hone se ----------- adhik hone ki baat kahta hai.
  • Smith ne kaha akhiri faisla ----------------- karega.
  • John ko intezar karne mein koi------------ nahi thi.
  • John 7% ------------- dene ka faisla karta hai.

3. Make sentences from these Hindi words.

  • Riyayat
  • Grahak
  • Aapatti
  • Faisla

4. Make up the similar dialogues of your own in Hindi in following situations.

  • a. Aap ek kharidar hain aur aapne ek trial order diya hai. Aap keemato mein riyayat ki maang kaise karaenge.
  • b. Aap ek seller hain aur aapko naye grahak banane hain. Aap grahak ko adhik se adhik riyayat dene ka waada kijie.

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